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To LOVEru Darkness Sairenji Haruna Yukata ver. by FREEing (Review)

To LOVEru Darkness Sairenji Haruna Yukata ver. 1/8 scale figure by FREEing comes in a rather lovely box and completely assembled, if not for the base. This figure is part of FREEing’s Y-style series, dedicated to anime characters dressed in gorgeous yukata. Personally, and although Haruna isn’t my first favorite character of the To LOVEru franchise, this particular figure is the one of the company’s collection dedicated to To LOVEru that I like the most.

Once free of her box, Haruna has to be simply placed on her base, which is a tiny, round piece plastic; I find this rather small base quite interesting, if not completely appropriate for this figure as it is simple enough to make Haruna herself stand out more.

This figure has a completely lovely pose; I adore the way Haruna’s body is slightly twisted as it gives the figure an interesting dynamic look. It seems that Haruna is dancing while having some kind of trouble with her yukata, which portrays the anime character so well: shy and sexy at the same time.

Haruna’s face completes this cute and sexy feeling the figure eminates. The blush on her face is completely appropriate. The color combination of Haruna’s yukata is quite stunning as it goes so well with her short hair and makes her fair skin stand out.

Both paint work and sculpt are quite good. The yukata Haruna is wearing is well sculpted, actually resembling cloth, with all its folds and details. I can say the same for the paint work which, although not very shaded, is quite good. I like the small flower decorations applied on Haruna’s yukata.

This surely is a very simple figure, good to go with quite some other items from the same series — as FREEing designed it, but I think that Haruna Yukata ver. is also able to make a very good impression on any kind of shelf or in any collection as it is very well done, detailed, and surely very expressive. I can totally recommend this figure! I adore every part of it without any doubt and it makes just happy looking at Haruna on my shelf.

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