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Fate/Extella: Nero Claudius Kimono Ver. by Phat! (Review)

Fate/Extella: Nero Claudius Kimono Ver. by Phat! – Available from Hobby Link Japan

This 1/6 scale figure by Phat! Company comes in a red and white window box, from which Nero Claudius Kimono Ver. is clearly visible. The box is decorated with Nero’s photos as well as a floral motif, resembling the one on the figure’s kimono. No assembly is needed at all with this item, as in the box we have just two carefully packaged pieces: the figure itself and a black base decorated with golden flowers.

Getting Nero ready for display is only a matter of seconds as we just have to put the figure on the provided base. At this point, I’m happy Phat! gave Nero Kimono Ver. one at all — sometimes it happens that seated or kneeling figures come with no base, but I’m even more pleased by the square design of the support for Nero.

There are a lot of Saber/Nero Claudius figures, and many of them are the versions of the Fate heroine dressed in traditional outfits. Still, this figure seemed quite unique to me as soon as I saw the prototype painted. Having Nero in my hands gives me just the certainty this is a marvelous item worth having.

Nero wears a lovely kimono, in the tones of red, black, and white with hints of golden-yellow here and there. The way the outfit is sculpted gives her some skin to show. Any kimono surely is interesting, but I suppose that it becomes stunning only when worn like this Nero figure.

The sculpt of the outfit is painfully beautiful, and I adore the endless amount of folds and the way the kimono cascades on the supposed concrete, or on the base in our case, as it gives a feeling of real fabric. The sculpt is great everywhere else, too, from Nero’s uncovered skin to her face and hair.

The paintwork on this figure is very well done, too — especially the intricate decorations on Nero’s kimono, which result in a little gloss under certain lights; I appreciate that as well. Returning to the sculpt, another part of this figure that immediately got may attention is Nero’s hairdo. The chignon braid she wears on her head, adorned with beautiful flowers, makes Nero look very beautiful and unbelievably elegant.

I like this figure very much, though I can also address an issue with it: for starters, Nero’s mouth seems a bit out of place, giving the figure a slightly off expression –it seems that the eyes are not really sharing the same emotion Nero’s mouth is showing. I don’t mind too much because the rest of the figure makes this flaw go totally unnoticed.

Overall this is a stunning figure to have in one’s collection especially if you are a fan of Saber/Nero Claudius, or just of Japanese traditional clothing covering a beautiful body, for that matter! I’m happy I got my hands on this figure, and I highly recommend it!

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  1. Ahhhhh now i need to get my hands on this Nero fig it looks amazing 🙂 well adding to my list now .


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