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Fate/EXTELLA: Tamamo no Mae School Uniform Ver. Review

Fate/EXTELLA: Tamamo no Mae School Uniform Ver. – Available from Hobby Link Japan

Today I am reviewing Fate/EXTELLA: Tamamo no Mae School Uniform Ver. figure by Phat! Company. The 1/6 scale item comes in a lovely window box which seems big enough for the figure, so nothing too huge although this is a relatively big figure.

Tamamo is posed in a lovely school uniform, making the fox girl quite sexy and even more interesting than she already is. The figure is well packaged, with the inner blister protecting Tamamo excellently.

Phat! provides us with instructions for assembly, although only in Japanese. That’s not a problem as putting this figure together is very simple. In the box we can find Tamamo’s parts as follows: top body part, bottom body part, fox tail, square green base, and a blue, Japanese-style cushion.

First we need to remove all the protective film from the figure parts. The body upper part can be prepared without having to detach anything, while the bottom part of Tamamo needs some more work. We will have to remove the sweater to be able to pull off the plastic covering her legs.

Once the protective film is removed, we can proceed with the actual assembly. The first step is to put Tamamo’s tail in place. Please be careful as the tail is rather hard to push in its hole. Next we will have to put the sweater in place, and then the upper part of Tamamo’s body. What’s left after that is to place the figure on the blue cushion and then on the green base.

This figure looks quite good and appears expensive. Tamamo is rather heavy and, overall, the sculpt seems well done. I can say the same about the painting, which is good as well. I had some issues with the assembly, though.

The sweater is very, very hard to remove and I was worried the figure could break; the tail also requires quite some dedication to get in place. The upper body part, on the contrary, is way too loose and is hard to keep in place. I think this could have been easily avoided is the peg connecting Tamamo’s body parts was just a little longer.

Assembly issues aside, I do actually love this figure. I like the overall design and I completely adore Tamamo’s face and hair. The details are all there and are well executed, and I think that this beauty would go so well with my other Fate figure from Phat! I reviewed here a while ago.

My verdict for Fate/EXTELLA: Tamamo no Mae School Uniform Ver. figure by Phat! Company is undoubtedly completely positive!

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  1. It is such a cute figure.

  2. I guess I’m now a huge sucker for hair motion cause WOW her hair is nice


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