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Fate/Extella Nero Claudius Rose Vacance Ver. Review

Fate/Extella Nero Claudius Rose Vacance Ver. – Available from HobbyLink Japan

With the multitude of figures dedicated to “Fate” heroine Saber, Aoshima had its take with this January 2018 release dedicated to Nero Claudius in a simple yet sexy swimsuit — which can easily be called a lovely lingerie set, if you want.

This 1/8 scale figure comes in a cute box with Nero’s photos on it and, as usual, the front of the box is made of clear plastic so that the figure can be seen from the outside. Nero Claudius comes completely assembled; she has to be put on her base, which is a simple, decorated red circle. The small rose she brings with her also has to be placed in her extended hand.

With this the figure is ready for display and I can definitely say that it makes a very good impression once in my figure cabinet. In Aoshima’s Rose Vacance Ver., Nero is really a very simple figure.

She wears what I like to call “a swimsuit” (mostly because the company hints at that with the figure’s name), or a beautiful underwear set. Either way, the sculpt of her outfit is well done, even in the smaller areas.

The very same applies to the rest of this figure. I like a lot how Nero’s body has been sculpted, and I adore this pose and how Aoshima was able to portray it in this 3D version of her. From head to toe this figure is well sculpted and also has paintwork I can deem as very, very good.

The only thing I can complain about — but just a little — is the way the rose goes into Nero’s hand. Basically, it is a pain to put in place and tends to fall off her hand easily. Not that this is a real issue, but one has to be patient to get it properly in its place.

With the slightly glossy finish on her bra and panties and the incredibly smooth texture of her exposed skin, this lovely figure makes a very sexy piece to have on display — but not only sexy, also kind of cute due to Nero’s beautiful, happy expression.

I will be honest; I didn’t have that much interest in this figure and I kind of ignored it since it was announced and went up for pre-order. As soon as I had it with me and opened the box I realized that Nero Claudius Rose Vacance ver. by Aoshima really is something I would have hated to miss in my collection.

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