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ES Gokin Dancouga by Fewture (Part 1: Unbox)

Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


In recent years, there has definitely been a revival in terms of new toys for the classic super robot anime Dancouga. However, they’ve all been at the full proportions and not super deformed. Well, for fans of Super Robot Wars it seems that Fewture has you covered with this exceptionally nice ES Gokin Dancouga.

Dancouga is an interesting series, as it deals with an alien invasion of Earth by the Muge with humanity being initially roundly defeated. However, all is not lost as the Cyber Beast Force has some new very powerful weapons hidden away. Each of these Cyber Beast Machines also features a system that taps into the anger of its pilot, and they can also combine to form the mighty Dancouga.

The series was quite dark in places and had some visual crossover with Thundercats, as some of the same key animators worked on both series. It was also one of the formative anime that Masami Obari contributed to, as he styled and re-designed the mecha in the series as well as ensured they were animated very dynamically.

Obari is someone that has since gone on to embrace his Dancouga heritage and it’s nice to see that Fewture called on his talents for the box art for this lovely little ES Gokin Dancouga.

Over the years, Dancouga has been featured numerous times in the Super Robot Wars series of games. Sometimes featuring the different Cyber Beast Machines but more often as the fully combined Dancouga. The key point here though is that the portrayal of mecha in Super Robot Wars is super deformed, or SD.

To date, we have not really had a proper SD chogokin of Dancouga, that not only allows each of the Cyber Beast Machines to transform into their various forms but also combine into Dancouga. However, this is precisely what Fewture has done here and the results are genuinely impressive.










Stick around for the full review, as this is a really nice little chogokin.

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