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Chogokin Monster Hunter G Class Transformation Liolaeus by Bandai (Part 2: Review)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Chogokin Monster Hunter G Class Transformation Liolaeus by Bandai (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)


Following on from the unboxing, here is the full review for the Chogokin Monster Hunter G Class Transformation Liolaeus. This is actually a toy based on the Rathalos from the very successful series of Monster Hunter games.

As far as Monster Hunter toys go, Bandai has produced an interesting one. It’s technically a Monster Hunter mecha that can transform between a pseudo player and Rathalos. As with most chogokin, this figure also uses a nice amount of diecast and has decent articulation to boot.

That aside, it does genuinely feel like a massive nerd-out on the part of Hajime Katoki, who designed the toy. That’s clearly the main reason it is more mecha themed, though I am not complaining.

Anyway, on with the review.














As the figure transforms into a wyvern, the left arm doesn’t have a hand but instead the head of the Rathalos. It has a joint within it so you can attach the shield, though.

The actual transformation is also moderately complex, as the chest opens up and the arms pivot up and around. The head and right arm fold away to form the ridged back and underbelly of the wyvern mode. The legs fold up and bend forward. The feet splay open to form claws as well. The wings and the tail are formed from the shield and the sword, respectively.

Once transformed, the wyvern mode can stand on its own but there is also a stand provided.

A lot of this figure uses diecast, so while the transformation is somewhat complex it isn’t all that scary to perform. In short, you would have to be pretty clumsy to break anything.

The sculpt and detailing are also pretty good for a chogokin-type toy. The design itself is quite blocky and that lends itself to the diecast side of things. The articulation is also excellent as again the diecast has been used to strengthen the joints.

One minor niggle is that the fully transformed wyvern doesn’t all click into place. You can pose it just fine obviously but the “mode” isn’t locked down like other transforming mecha toys. Much of this is down to the fact the figure itself isn’t really a full on mecha and that the two modes are based on organic references.

That said, it’s an interesting toy in lots of ways, partly for the Hajime Kataoki lineage but also because it looks pretty damn great. There are definite shades of Galient and Escaflowne here and that’s something I fully approve of.

So even if you aren’t a big fan of Monster Hunter, this is a pretty cool toy. If you do like the games though, then you should totally pick one of these up.

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  1. Hi Ryan and Syd, you guys have a awesome job of displaying all the new kits that come out each week. I actually just recently bought the amazing lev A and Lev D for the HGBF Hi-Nu Gundam Verbe from the HLJ website, as soon as I get my hands on the Hi-Nu Gundam verbe I am going to attach both shields and all the weapons on to it. Anyways thanks. You guys have amazing prices on gunpla and I will be buying more from the HLJ website in the near future.


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