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Super Robot Chogokin Genesic Gaogaigar Hell and Heaven Version By Bandai (Part 2: Review)

Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


Following the unboxing, here is the review for the limited release Super Robot Chogokin Genesic Gaogaigar Hell and Heaven Version from King of Braves GaoGaiGar Final. This is a modified version of the original release but this is a supremely nice figure nonetheless and definitely something fans of the show should track down.

I already covered the toy’s history, but it’s worth reiterating that this is one of Kazumi Fujita’s best mecha designs, so it is understandable that the Genesic GaoGaiGar is a fan favorite.

As I have already purchased the standard version of the Super Robot Chogokin Genesic GaoGaiGar, I have included it in my review in order to compare it to this special release version.

The main and obvious change is the green and blue coloring to simulate the famous Hell and Heaven attack seen in the anime but bar that, this toy is identical to the prior standard release.











While the original mecha in the anime is formed from a variety of other vehicles, in a gattai sequence called Final Fusion, this figure doesn’t recreate that functionality. Instead, this is a straight up toy of the combined Genesic GaoGaiGar.

Like other Super Robot Chogokin releases, this toy is somewhat of a no-frills release, as in terms of gimmicks, it is slightly on the light side and the emphasis is more on its build quality, sculpt, and overall detailing.

The good news is that as this is a chogokin it means it has a good amount of diecast throughout its construction. The result is a very sturdy figure that can hold poses well.

The articulation is also handled very well and you can get a wide range of movement out of the figure. It is compatible with one of Bandai’s Tamashii stands (sold separately).

In terms of extras, you get a variety of hands and some weapons. The big party piece is the Hell and Heaven attack parts. The larger hands are supplied, but the clenched hands are one piece. The jointing to facilitate this is handled well and sturdy with it.

The wings at the rear, as well as the tail, are all nicely jointed. Naturally, I tend to keep this toy in its open wing configuration, as it looks very impressive.

The main difference over the standard toy is the new coloring and it’s done very well throughout. With a mixture of opaque parts and new airbrushed coloring, the result is a very striking color scheme that is not only true to the anime but also quite subtle in places.

Overall, this is a great toy of a fan favorite design. If you don’t have the standard release of this toy already, then you need to correct that oversight. However, this version of the figure is really quite rare now and that fact it is readily available at a reasonable price means that fans of GaoGaiGar Final should not delay in picking this up.

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