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Cup Noodles That You Can Make Without Water!

Here’s one Cup Noodle that won’t be ready in just three minutes! Bandai has announced that it will be adding the quintessential form of cup ramen to its Best Hit Chronicle model line. Cup Noodle has been around in Japan since 1971. It’s been a national staple in Japan ever since, thus they are more than qualified to enter the Best Hit Chronicle lineup which celebrates goods that have defined an era. 

Following previous Best Hit Chronicle releases of the PlayStation and the Sega Saturn, the Cup Noodle hits shelves on the day of the noodles’ creation, September 18th. It comes in 1/1 scale. 

3D Scanning

Filling the stomachs of people all over the world for about half a century –and what some have called the greatest culinary invention of the 20th century — the actual Cup Noodle has been 3D scanned in its entirety. This technology supports the replication the intricate noodle mass, toppings, and iconic styrofoam cup. Bandai even notes that it has recreated the “mysterious meat” (yes, that’s what Bandai calls it!). They’ve even molded egg bits and shrimp with different individual shapes.

Bandai used state of the art 3D scanners to create the ramen in 8 runner parts.

The commitment to the “real thing” is made possible through using the scans to create multiple parts that sandwich together for ultimate realism. Noodles with hot water poured over them naturally loosen and absorb water evenly. They have a high density at the top and a low density at the bottom. Recreating this “dense noodle mass structure” unique to Cup Noodle called for more advanced technology than just molding the runners. 

Inner Detail & Color Separation

You may ask: “What’s the point of all this detail when you can’t even see the noodles inside the cup?” Well, Bandai thought of this and included a removable side to reveal the intricate structure of the noodles. Take a look:

The Cup Noodle logo has a three-layer structure consisting of “white on the base of the cup,” “red on the edge of the logo,” and “white on the logo letters.” You’ll be able to assemble the structure by stacking the parts on top of each other. We can only imagine that not only does this allow you to enjoy really creating all parts of the kit, but such amazing color separation is far superior to look at rather than slapping stickers all over the cup.

The familiar half-century cup design with its characteristic broken golden line pattern is also reproduced by parts separation. The structure is such that the parts mesh with each other and the broken line pattern is recreated. On top of this, even the inner fill line is recreated with the same sandwiching technique. 

Nutritional Information?

“So, what about the back of the pack?” you may ask.

All the characters printed on the package of Cup Noodle are reproduced with precise molds and fonts, from caution notation, ingredient lists, and allergy warnings, to guidance for the consumer. You’ll have to add some of the smaller text is with stickers, but it’s impressive that Bandai kept them to a minimum.

By now, you may be wondering why we keep using the name “Cup Noodle” instead of “Cup Noodles.” Well, Nissin itself has explained that “Cup Noodle” is the name of the line at home in Japan, but for many of its overseas markets, it’s taken up the name “Cup Noodles.” Not only is the brand name different, the recipe and available flavors are different, too! So, you can think about them as two different brands — even though they look like the same thing.

The Best Hit Chronicle Cup Noodle has a retail price of 2,420 yen, but noodle lovers can pick it up at HLJ for just 1,870 yen! Remember, if you can’t wait ’til September you can always pick up the Best Hit Chronicle 2:5 scale original PlayStation or Sega Saturn. Both kits also boast insane detail and intricacy. 

Check out Bandai’s official commercial for the Cup Noodle kit.

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  1. Oh cool, I was worried the nutritional information was going to be mostly stickers.


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