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Boss Builds – Episode 23 – How To Drybrush The Hulk

In this episode, Brian moves on to drybrushing the Hulk’s hair and pants, plus tweaks the teeth and shades the face.

Kits featured in this video:

1/9 Avengers: Hulk (Unpainted Kit) by Dragon
1/9 Avengers: Hulk Action Hero Vignette (Pre-Painted Kit) by Dragon

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  1. Hey Brian, your paint job looks better than the pre-painted hulk. It really looks more realistic. What you did with he jeans is amazing. Hope you can shoot a video on your weathering techniques on the big guy.

  2. Why don’t you try hitting it with an enamel wash instead? The enamel thinner shouldn’t attack the lacquer paint, and Tamiya makes most of the colors in both lines.

  3. Hi folks,
    Thanks for the comments! I didn’t use lacquers, I used Gunze’s water-based paints…still, it’s worth a test!

  4. Just a question for you, why does the wash come after the dry-brushing? It seems like you’d want to do the wash first and then dry-brush the highlights. You’re not the only pro who does the wash after the dry-brush so it must be the right way; I just haven’t found anyone who says why they do it in that order.

  5. Appreciated the tips and video on dry brushing. Noticed the darkening of the facial wrinkles as soon as the face was shown and the face has turned out very well. Was wondering about what kind of detailing for the finger and toe nails you were going to do, and they look pretty good. Also liked the detailing of the pants. Should look awesome once it’s all together and weathered up.

  6. HI Al,
    Yeah, I’m pretty happy so far! Hope I don’t screw it up from here. For the hands and feet, I did apply a wash to the nails to get a little color separation, and I plan to do pin washes between the fingers and toes to get a little more separation there.

  7. Hi Commander Rogers,
    You can do it either way, but I like the way a wash after drybrusing knocks it down an bit and ties it all together…I like it to be subtle. I may also do more drybrushing after the wash. There’s no “right way,” just the way you like!


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