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Boss Builds – Episode 18 – 1/9 Avengers: Hulk – Gluing Vinyl

In today’s episode, Brian actually gets started (a bit) on the 1/9 Dragon Hulk kit!

Kits featured in this video:

1/9 Avengers: Hulk (Unpainted Kit) by Dragon
Mini Razor Saw by Tamiya

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  1. Some good tips for working with vinyl (gluing, paint selection). With the head now glued on, it will be interesting to see whether you end up having to do a bit of puttying or not. The back seam seemed to close pretty good, but it looked like there was still a bit of a gap around the side jaw lines when the figure was being rotated around. Might have just been my eyes, though.

    Looking forward to the upcoming paint applications, from base application to detailing. The detailing of the head will in particular be of interest, especially the eyes. I’m always amazed at how features of the eyes can be painted to look so realistic.

  2. Hi Al,
    Glad you’re diggin’ it! You’re right about the jawline seams…I actually took a stab at puttying a bit last night. Will post results soon!

    Yes, the eyes can certainly make or break a figure…luckily the Hulk’s eyes are rather small and beady, so there’s really not too much that can go wrong! The biggest challenge will be to make them not too “cartoony.”

  3. Looking good so far Brian. If I may suggest, it might end up better if you preshade with NATO black instead of pure black since NATO black has a greenish hue to it already. I use that as a preshade for airplanes when German green or olive drab will go on after and it seems to blend better than a pure black does. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Garret,
    Thanks! Not a bad idea! As you know, I’ll also be using the NATO Black as the base color for his hair, too. And probably as the base for washes later. Go NATO Black!


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