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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 112 – ReZEL Type C Defenser – Painting The Phalanx

In this episode of Gunpla TV we take a closer look at the 1/100 MG ReZEL C (Defenser a+b Unit) and compare it to ReZELs of the past and Ryan looks over his now primed Destroid Phalanx and then starts on the paint. We also discuss Gaijin powers and a certain K-pop band.

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG ReZEL C (Defenser a+b Unit)
1/72 SDR-04-Mk.XII Destroid Phalanx
1/144 HG Gundam AGE-1 Full Glansa
Legend BB Zakuto (Yami Shogun)
1/144 HGUC Gundam Ez8


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. sorry Woodfish…it should be *keep quiet, not keep quite” typo error 😛

  2. hello sid and ryan great show as always i wanted to ask u i have placed a rg destiny order i seen a add on wings of light can u explain more of that please? . i dont know if it lights up and also the rg gp01 kits do are they going to have the transformable core block?. also one last thing i been wating a macross/robotech kit i want one that transforms into the 3 things i have seen on ebay ones tht are not kits that can transforms can you talk about the difference please thank you for all your time

    • As far as I know the Wings of Light are just plastic effect parts similar to those found in the MG 1/100 Destiny Gundam Extreme Burst Mode but in 1/144 scale for the RG. We don’t know yet what the RG GP01 will have but we should see something at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in a month’s time. While Bandai makes Macross model kits capable of transforming companies like Yamato make large figures that are capable of transforming and use Die-cast parts, etc.

  3. hey. Great show guys, I hope you keep talking more about macross, evangelion and all other non gundam kits out there.

    By the way, I also want to congratulate you for your site, HLJ is one of the best online stores out there, its a pleasure to buy from you.

    P.S I hope bandai re-stock your store with the RVF-25 macross kit, I have been waiting 7 months for it.

  4. OMG, my previous comment has been removed!
    OK, please remove all comment, I just cannot stop to putting comment here.

    • Holy drama, Batman. Which comment are you referring to?

  5. YAY!! ROBOTECH!! I finally got to episode 112 took about a week from ep.1 but totally worth it! Thank you Syd and Ryan for Gunpla TV!! you guys got me back into this hobby and all I caan say is thank you!!

  6. Hi Syd, Ryan and Brian, great program you guys got going on. I am always looking forward to the next episode of Gunpla TV, and it’s always a bonus when I see a new Boss Builds episode in my feed. I was just wondering if you guys plan on holding another Gundam build event? The last build competition you guys held was way back in late 2011. If I may suggest for future build competitions, that users submit an image of their new kit along with a submission pass.

    On another note, regarding the RG Destiny. I believe the wings of light is not included in the kit itself, but sold separately together with an action base.

    Anyways, thanks for your continuing efforts. Great show as always.

  7. if I really mention it again, this comment will be removed too, whoever control this site know it. u can’t just let those comments which only say “oh, great show, welldone, excellent” stay here. To improve, other comments are important too, I have use no offensive word at all, but just mentioned only the word “boring” and that entire comment was remove. And you even call that guy Batman?

    • Ah.. Now I remember. We didn’t approve your boring comment quickly enough apparently because you started commenting and commenting in duplicate culminating in this gem:

      “seeing that Ryan and Syd are not going to response to any of my previous post, I will just continue to watch and totally accept everything coimng from the show, without any question! man, and this will no longer be the site for gunpla fans or new fans or just about to be fans, but only for those “geeks” with super duper gunpla crazy fever!”

      There’s a difference between ignoring/deleting a comment and not being in the office, on a computer, to approve it. I can see how those who lack patience might take it as a slight to their online persona.

  8. 外国人の力場 needs to be on a t-shirt.

  9. Do you think Bandai will produce additional Titan Test Team kits?

  10. Hi Ryan and Syd, High Five! for the great show.

    Ryan, great job on the battle damage, hopefully I can do it with my kit in the future. How’s the falcon? lol

    And Syd, can you recommend a mechanical hand for a 1/100 Sinanju Ver. Ka?
    I kinda made a small mistake with one of its fingers when I’m trying to separate them like the one you did on the tutorial before. Please help…


  11. Awesome video, again very entertaining. Now I really want to buy this version of the ReZel, and Syd, thanks for the idea, if I buy this kit, I’m going to make it with ALL THE WEAPONS ON, sort of like a full armor version.


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