Dec 11

Available now from HobbyLink Japan!

One of the newest Gundam releases at HLJ is the BB Senshi #396: Build Burning Gundam! This particular little guy will be going on display at a local hobby shop in the near future, and I had the pleasure of building him over the weekend so he’d be ready for his trip.


This was actually my first time building a snap-fit kit, and I really enjoyed the experience. The BB Senshi kits are great for beginners like me, but they’re still challenging enough that I felt a (small) sense of accomplishment upon completing it.
The BB Build Burning Gundam comes molded in four colors, but I apologize that the yellow parts are a little hard to see above.




The head was the first piece I worked on, followed by the chest plate. I decided to go with the normal sticker for his visor–versus the one with pupils–for a more serious look despite his SD size. I was surprised at just how tiny some of the stickers were, and about lost the tiny black ones once or twice as I was trying to work them into the helmet slots on either side of his face. I was successful eventually though!
20141207_133238 20141207_133352

The easiest and most satisfying part was, of course, snapping my completed pieces together (though I’m embarrassed to admit how much time it took me to reach this point).

Again, the stickers proved to be the most challenging part of this kit since you only have one shot to get it right (but it wasn’t quite as hard as keeping the parts away from my cat).
And here he is–with his fire effect pieces snapped to his back! Unfortunately, they’re not made of clear plastic like his HG counterpart, but they still make for a nice addition to the kit! I had a great time working on this kit and I look forward to building my next one.


  1. Nicely done! Great job on the stickers! And have the same problems with my cat from time to time. LOL.
    Like the SD better than it’s HG counterpart for some reason.
    Good luck and fun on your next build

  2. The SD line is also how I got into Gunpla. Way back in the very late 90s, I started collecting SD kits from the Universal Century series and it was just a matter of time I got to building HGs next and shortly after, MGs became my first choice in Gunpla.
    Great job on you first kit and welcome to the community!

  3. wow great work seem like you removed all numbs and gate more nicel with out nicking the rest of the parts really great work.

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