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SD Sonshoukou Gerbera Tetra


Submitted By: Joe

Since Syd did his episode on SD kits, I thought I would show off my one and only SD kit:  the SD BB Senshi Sangokuden Sonshoukou Gergera Tetra!  I know it’s a mouth full…

This kit was given to me by a good friend of mine after a visit to ACEN last year.  I thought I would never build an SD kit, they just didn’t appeal to me.  But after this kit, I thought they were pretty fun.  SD kits would be excellent for beginners or for those that want to build something quick and easy when a larger project is frustrating you to no end.

I didn’t use any of the stickers given, although there is quite an assortment provided, especially for the eyes!  I did a lot of painting to detail her armor and such.  She also came with a decent array of weapons including a Naginata (which I am most likely spelling wrong), her bow on the back of her outfit turns into a bow staff and she has an arrow for her bow to shoot.  Not pictured here; her instruction manual has a small comic (in Japanese) and there are even aprons that can be cut out of the instructions and worn by Gerbera Tetra!  Very cute touch on Bandai’s part.

Over all, it was very fun and I may be getting more of these BB Senshi kits in the future.

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  1. so which one is based off of agian?

  2. Well, the Sangokuden line takes a lot of artistic liberties with their re-designs, however, this one is supposed to be based off of the Gerbera. It would have been the forth Gundam to show up in the OVA 0083 Stardust Memories, but it was re-designed into the Gerbera Tetra for Zeon’s use. Here’s a link to some info on the Gerbera:



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