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SD Chun Li Custom


Submitted By: Chris R

So the first time i saw the BB Shin Sonshoukou Gerbera, i automatically thought of how similar the design was to Chun Li from Street Fighter. So i set about transforming it into what it is now. Since Chun li does not use weapons, i removed the bow(weapon) from her cloth bow.  There was no need for her staff weapon, so that was put away as well. I used thin copper wire to make her bangs. Model Masters Header white was used for all the white painted pieces. Model Masters Angel Blue was used for the blue parts.  The black is Tamiya flat black with some brown added in. The skin tone was a mix of white with a few drops of yellow. Cut triangle plaplates were used to make her wrist spikes.

The base was made out of spare wood, painted to look as though she was breaking into a base. The flood lights are fully functional, but for photo-graphical purposes, i left them off.  This also won first place at NY Bakuc in the SD category this year!

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