Dec 5
HLJ : Luke

The details for our biggest competition ever are revealed in Episode 61 of Gunpla TV. Syd and Ryan also take the time to show you some plastic, including the finished Real Grade Freedom Gundam.

For information on the Prizes & Categories for the Sci-Fi Modelling Competition 2012 click here!

Kits featured in this video:


  1. Can you enter the Millennium falcon for the contest. 😀

  2. Hey guys. Awesome show. I wanted to ask you I recently started building gundpla’s but the problem is i live in Lebanon and i am barely able to get my hands on few limited kits, some really bad tools, and i can’t find any paint. I wanted to know if their are any fair priced shops or websites i can buy tools and kits from that ship to lebanon. Sadly as you know hlj doesn’t ship to lebanon. Thanks.

  3. Wanted to ask can someone join the sci-fi competition even though he lives in a country that hlj doesn’t ship to?

    • @ Ahmad, what country to you live in? If you live in Lebanon we can ship items to you. So any one from Lebanon can enter our competition but sadly if you live in a country that we cant ship to you will not be able to enter. Fedex can not ship to some countries but we have other services that might allow shipping to your country.

  4. Is this competition in relation to GundamGuy.blogspot,
    or is that a whole different competition?

    Currently make a few orders to get myself started.
    Thanks! : )

    • @ savviMaple this competition has nothing to do with “GundamGuy”. This is our own competition sponsored by

  5. The free 2 play game mentioned, would be ~ SD Gundam Capsule Fighter?
    Will you (Syd), be playing?

  6. Hey guys, excited for the contest, you can count on me entering it. But I have a question for the beginners category. Let’s say I painted a part of a model either the wrong colour or the wrong shade of that colour that was supposed to be, would you count it as a customization and put the entry in the intermediate category?

    • @ Neon Wave If the overall quality of the work is high we might move it up a class but if you believe the kit fits into the novice category and the models quality reflects that then it will be judged as novice.

  7. can you enter scratich builds of a ship of your own design?

  8. The link below the video doesn’t seems to take me to the competition detail page, and instead take me back to the front page of Is there an alternative link to the terms and condition and contest detail page?

  9. i try to upload my contest entry, but it stop when i uploaded 5%, why?
    please reply.

  10. Would for example scratch building an SD model that Bandai has not made be fine?


  11. I would imagine that you guys have the inside track on Bandai products. Are there any plans or rumors on what the next Perfect Grade model would be? As a loyal PG buyer, I would like a PG version of the Sazabi or Kishatriya. It would also rock if they did a redux of the PG version of the EVA0-01, or do another EVA altogeter. The artistic design was very good, but the engineering was crap. I would bet a new version would address the issues. Anyway, what is coming down the pipe?

  12. Question for Syd the Gunpla Master OF THE UNIVERSE!!

    If I were to put LED lighting for a Gundam at 1/144 scale, what size range would I need to get?

    Long live Gunpla!

  13. Dear Ryan and Syd

    Thanks for spending the time to put such a great show together! Most wonderful.

    Here is my question: there are a several pieces for my gunpla that I would like to spray them all in light blue. Yet some of these pieces come in black and others in red. I was wondering whether spraying them with grey primer before applying the light blue will allow me to achieve the same (shade of) light blue for all of them afterwards. If so, how many layers of grey prime would you recommend?

  14. for straight build model kits, is topcoat and some painting allowed?

    • @Reehdus top coat, simply being clear or matte etc will be acceptable for straight builds. If you paint the model and it looks amazing it maybe moved up a level.

  15. Can I enter a kit I purchased elsewhere in the model contest.

  16. So what are the factors that will be taken into considerations for the entries? Is it only the detail quality of the kit or dynamic pose is considered as well?

    • @ Yami the main things that will be taken into consideration is the kits details and the level of work. We ask people to send in high quality photos, the better we can see the work you have done the more chance you have of winning.

  17. Just wanted to ask a question to confirm if an Idea I’m having is valid. Instead of doing 1 kit by itself, I was thinking of creating a scene using 2 kits together and have them play off each other to recreate various scenes and concepts. I didn’t see anything in particular about this question specificly, but I’m skeptical that this work make for a valid entry and just want to confirm.

    • @ Zigirus that is fine to use multiple models in a scene interacting with each other because that will be classed as a diorama so it may be many models but one project. It would be graded on its overall appearance, details, quality etc not per model.

  18. any idea if topcoat will be allowed for straight builds?

  19. Thanks for answering the question. Just wondering do you guys even have weekend off please? I mean even on a Sunday, people on your site still posting new special deal (like this new figures sale). Feel like you guys work 24×7.

  20. “Anyone who enters this competition with a model kit that has appeared on the internet that includes blog posts, work in progress, forum builds, competitions, review builds, promotions will be ineligible to enter.”, does this mean that if I put up pictures of something that can be seen online, it isn’t eligible at all? Does this apply to the Beginner level or only the Intermediate and Advanced categories only?

    • @ Eugene if the model has appeared on internet in the way of forum posts, blog posts, WIP, reviews, builds its not eligible to enter in any level, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

  21. EJ said on April 5, 2012

    how do I find out who won the contest that just ended?

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