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New Kaiyodo Action Figure Preorders – March 2021

Recently, Kaiyodo revealed a number of new action figures for preorder which are set to be released between March and September 2021. We don’t often get a deluge of goods from Kaiyodo, but when we do they’re always fantastic, so let’s dive in!

Protip: Always get your Kaiyodo figures during the preorder phase!
Kaiyodo’s products revolve around preorders; once stock arrives, it’s usually enough to fill preorders plus a little extra. It can take quite a while for items to come back into stock (if they don’t end up discontinued).

At first these items may go order stop, but most will come back to order in time. So be sure to check back at the end of the month of release, or even set up a browser notification for stock status changes, because changes do happen!


Hayashi Hiroki Figure Collection [EVAGIRLS] Rei

Hayashi Hiroki Figure Collection [EVAGIRLS] Asuka

Hayashi Hiroki Figure Collection [EVAGIRLS] Mari


Amazing Yamaguchi Series No.023 Iron Spider

My Hero Academia

Amazing Yamaguchi No.022 Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)


Amazing Yamaguchi Series No.021 Joker

Space Runaway Ideon

SVC001 Sofubi Toy Box Characters Ideon (Space Runaway Ideon)


Movie Revo No.008 Zootopia Judy Hopps (Reissue)

Movie Revo No.010 Zootopia Nick Wilde (Reissue)


Revogeo Water Bug Tagame

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