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30MM Ladybots! 30 Minutes Missions Spinatia

UPDATE April 21, 2021: These kits are now up for preorder! Find them here!

Bandai has recently announced new additions to the 30 Minutes Missions lineup: the Spinatia, based off the existing Spinatio models! These new takes on the Spinatio, which just went up for preorder last month, add a feminine twist to the designs.

Like the current types, the armor and weapon parts are are included with the base kit, too!

These are not to be confused with the other new mecha girl line from Bandai, 30 Minutes Sisters (but you should definitely check them out too!)

The Spinatia also boast a new structure that is even easier to assemble than the past 30MM model kits. Now maybe I can actually build one of these in 30 minutes!

The white and purple 30MM EXM-E7f Spinatia (Fencer spec) will be released in July, while the pink and white EXM-E7a Spinatia (Fencer spec) will arrive in August. Their range of weapons look really impressive.

EXM-E7f has a long set of daggers which can slice through enemies with ease.

While the EXM-E7a has shorter daggers for closer combat.

Furthermore, from Bandai’s trailer, we are told that these are ‘the third force,’ and definitely in the lore, the most powerful mech so far.

Preorder them here!

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