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Fate/Grand Order: Scathach Loungewear Mode by Alter (Review)

Fate/Grand Order: Scathach Loungewear Mode – Available from HobbyLink Japan

Alter proposes to us a version of Scathach that is rather simple and yet very sophisticated with this 1/7 scale figure of the Queen of the Land of Shadows. The company provides the figure with one of their well-known all clear boxes, which literally makes this item shine even before unboxing the figure.

Scathach is pretty much already assembled; the only task to perform to have her ready for display is to put her on the provided furry base, to which the figure is fastened with two plastic pegs present on her support. What we have before us once this figure is ready to join other valuable members of our collections is something I dare to call “mesmerizing”.

This is one of the simplest figures I own, but at the same time Scathach is also one of the figures I have in my collection that is really able to stand out, even on a crowded shelf. Every part of this figure screams “elegance” and I think that something this compelling in its plain simplicity is very rare with figures in general.

Alter was able to achieve such perfection with this figure and, although I’m not surprised at all by the quality level this company is able to deliver, I’m impressed at how they were able to make something this simple stand out that much. I believe that’s thanks to the quality level of the whole figure and to the meticulous, almost manic attention given to details, speaking of both sculpt and paint.

Scathach is dressed in a cream-white sweater that reaches to her well-shaped thighs; a pretty simple piece of clothing in normal conditions, but one that is able to really highlight the beautiful and sensual body of this character in all its gorgeousness. Were the figure naked or in a piece of lingerie, it wouldn’t have been as sexy as she is in this sweater, which is completed with a pair of black panties only visible from the “right” angle, and is well sculpted and very detailed in every part, even the smallest.

This figure has a pose that’s sensual on its own and that is highlighted and made more beautiful by the lovely expression Scathach wears on her face. The eyes are full of meaning, and the mouth gives us a beautiful and quite cute smile which is also able to transmit actual feelings. I adore the way the girl’s arms are gently crossed behind her back as this pose gives the figure yet another touch of cuteness and sensuality.

The furry base – normally not my favorite kind of support for a figure – is the perfect combination in this case as it adds a cozy feeling to Scathach and perfectly matches the girl’s pose and expression, as well as the casual outfit.

This is a figure I really adore, both because of its high quality as well as for its interesting and very eye-catching appearance –despite the simple looks of this version of Scathach by Alter, which is an item I would strongly recommend to fans of the “Fate” franchise, but also to anyone appreciating high quality and good-looking statues.

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