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1/400 Evangelion Test Type EVA-01 by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/400 Evangelion Test Type EVA-01 by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (1)

Evangelion Test Type EVA-01 is all put together at last. Let’s see if this guy can (not) advance.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (20)
Right away, the colors and details will pop right out at you.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (3)
Standard shots of the front and back.  Looking tall!

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (5)

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (6)
The head can look up at the heavens, and the mouth can open.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (7)
The gimmick at the back makes it easy to get the entry plug out. It seems to have almost every gimmick that an EVA-01 is supposed to have.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (8)
Good mobility for the arms, and great mobility for the legs.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (9)

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (10)
Great flat toe work here.  He looks ready to be an Olympic sprinter.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (11)
The umbilical cable connected at the back provides external power.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (12)
The main gun looks simple, but fits with the overall scheme.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (13)


More weapons can be used for cool poses, including the progressive knife and an optional shoulder part.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (14)

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (15)
On your mark…

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (16)
Get set…

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (17)

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (18)
Sizewise, it’s a bit taller than the MG Gundam 2.0, though he keeps his runners physique.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (19)
However it’s a lot smaller than this Bandai kit.

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (2)
At first I was a bit curious about the timing of this kit coming out 4 years after the release of the movie.  But any doubts I may have had are now gone, as this kit is unique enough to stand on its own at any time.  First of all, it is incredibly slim, which really helps set it apart. However, despite its body shape, it still maintains remarkable mobility, as the arms and legs can move in a wide range. and it only gets better if you have a base for it.  Also, for modelers who don’t put in a lot of effort, no paints or markers required.  Just simple lining, some water slides and perhaps a gloss topcoat can make it go from good to great.

On the other hand, it can occasionally be frustrating sometimes putting it together, as some of the parts are so tiny that you have to use tweezers to help. It might be best to clean up your work area first, so you don’t lose any parts if they slip out of your hands.  In terms of accessories, I do sort of miss the A.T.Field though. The manual reminds me of Bandai ones in some cases, but sometimes it may take a few tries to make sure you’re putting the parts together properly.  But ultimately, it’s a fun build, and the final product I think looks fantastic, and would look good on anyones legends of mecha anime shelf.  Thanks for checking this out!

rrobbert184-EVA01 2 (21)
“So, what color is your blood?”

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  1. I’m amazed at the completed figure’s range of movement, plus it’s colours look great! Loved the action poses at the end of the review. I could almost picture it leaping over buildings and hills.

  2. 1:400 scale?! I never knew the EVAs were that big! Anyways, that’s a nice looking kit; the colours look awesome and it’s pose-ability is insane.

    • i got my 02 kotobukiya kit : honestly bandai kits are more big made with high quality ill never buy evangelion kits from kotobukiya again

    • cause in rebuild they taller than the original tv series size

  3. I love those legs!!


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