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HG 1/144 Gundam Zabanya


Submitted By: Juno Uno

From the Gundam 00 movie Awakening of the Trailblazer, I present to you Gundam Zabanya.

Originally I was just gonna give it a more anime-accurate paint job, but then I thought…”well that’s no fun.” So I went ahead and decided to give it a whole new color scheme. Initially I wanted to replicate the color scheme of the Cherudim SAGA from the Gundam 00 side stories. But unfortunately my air-brush is busted and without it, I won’t be able to create that right shade of dark gray-ish/black color. So I had to settle with spray cans. The colors I used are Touch n’ Tone’s light gray primer and flat black, Krylon primer gray and model master’s dark sea blue(aka dark navy blue). And a bit of miscellaneous colors here and there to break up the monotony in some areas. And thus I have a result that reminded me a bit of the color schemes used in the Gundam Sentinel side stories, which is why I nicknamed this kit Sentinel color type. Although, I also named it based on the meaning of the word itself. It’s quite fitting of a title in my opinion.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with the end results and the entire kit itself. I really love the blocky appearance that this kit has. Despite the chunky look of its armor, this kit has a fair range of articulation that you would expect in many of these newer HG kits. The holster bits might hinder it a little due to its large size, but with time and patience, you can pull of some pretty gunslinger style poses. Of course, an action base will also come in handy for this big guy. The downside to this kit is that I was really hoping that all the holster bits were separable and maybe load it up with rifle bits as well. But that might be asking for too much.

Anyways, if you’re a fan of strange mecha designs or you just love any out-of-this- world gunslinger type characters, then I highly recommend this kit. But don’t forget to pick up an action base with it! 😉

thank you for your time,


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  1. That’s a very nice monochrome scheme for the Zabanya.

  2. The pose goes well with the color scheme. Good job. I too hoped that the Holster Bits would be separable.

  3. hi, could i ask for a picture of zabaniya with all of its missile pods open?

    i was thinking of buying it but i heard that he does not have all missile pods as in the movie


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