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1/100 FFR-31MR/D Super Sylph Yukikaze by Alter (Part 2: Review)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

1/100 FFR-31MR/D Super Sylph Yukikaze by Alter (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)


Following our unboxing, here is our review of the Sentou Yousei Yukikaze. Whilst this is technically a toy, it is much closer to that of the title it has on the box; that of a completed model. This means that whilst you can play with it, it is still rather delicate and is very much meant for pure display.

First off, there is no diecast to speak of. This is entirely a plastic model and very finely built at that. Considering the price-point this initially feels somewhat of a rip-off, however it becomes clear pretty quickly that the price is entirely warranted in regards to the quality of the sculpt and detailing. This is a really lovely display piece and pretty much an utterly perfect rendition of the Super Sylph from the anime.

The model is also quite small, even at 1/100 scale it’s quite dinky. This is what makes the detailing and overall precision so impressive. Doubly so as this is a re-release from 2008. Alter clearly can pull off high end products.














The landing gear has to be attached after the hatches have been removed. These require small tools that come with the model. The forward landing gear hatch is somewhat tricky to remove as it was wedged in quite tightly. Once out, the landing gear slotted in fine and looked pretty damn great.

There is also an excellent stand that comes with the model. This attaches on the underside to the fin housing. It can also be extended down with an additional piece supplied. The various missiles and extra fuel tanks can be attached to one of two hardpoints on either side of the model. These are all painted and sculpted to a very high standard.

The cockpits cannot be opened but the canopies are pretty much crystal clear, with all the detailing visible within. The pilot names are are drawn on the side and, even at this scale, are surprisingly readable. The rear jet nozzles are fixed sadly but the internal detail is really nice.

On the whole, this is a fixed model of an aircraft. There aren’t really any gimmicks or movable parts to speak of. It’s also quite a delicate model and needs to be handled with care. The wings are very fine, as are the canards, so being cautious with something that is more delicate than your average toy is advised.

So without any diecast is this worth getting? Put simply, yes. Very much so. The sheer quality of the sculpt and detailing is first rate. Considering what a striking mechanical design the Super Sylph is, to have it rendered so magnificently is amazing really. Even if you haven’t seen the anime, this is a very discerning collector’s display piece and comes thoroughly recommended.

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