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Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Laserwave (Shockwave) by Takara Tomy (Part 1: Unbox)

Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Laserwave (Shockwave) – Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


One of my all-time favorite Transformers is the mighty and enigmatic Shockwave. Over the years we’ve had a few toys of the updated designs but due to various rights issues, the Generation One design was often overlooked. It seems those problems have since been resolved as Takara Tomy has finally released a Transformers Masterpiece Shockwave, or Laserwave as it is known in Japan, and it is truly magnificent.

Shockwave was an interesting character and design on a number of counts. When the Decepticons left Cybertron, Megatron left Shockwave in charge of the whole planet. This meant that unlike the other Transformers, Shockwave retained his alien-looking Cybertronian form. Like Megatron, Shockwave also transformed into a gun but instead retaining its scale and as a result was far more powerful.

In many ways, Shockwave was the most powerful of all the Transformers, as he managed to successfully rule Cybertron for over 4 million years on his own and in various spinoff stories (including this PS2 game) he ends up conquering most of the universe, too. However, despite his power he was also one of the most loyal minions in Megatron’s inner circle and that in turn resulted in a few parodies over the years.

While this design was a unique one in the Transformers lineage, as it didn’t share the same Diaclone or Microman heritage, it still looks a lot like someone at Studio Nue had something to do with its design. For me, the head shape always reminded me of the cyclops in Ulysses 31, which was a series that Studio Nue and specifically Shoji Kawamori worked on. Either way, growing up I’ve always loved Shockwave as a design as he was one of the few genuinely alien-looking mecha in the series.

This toy though is special, as the original Generation One toy wasn’t originally manufactured by Takara and the rights meant that they couldn’t do much with the design. That was thankfully resolved a good few years back and for anyone that had the original toy growing up, like I did, then this is a genuine treat!









The review will be going up soon, so keep an eye out for that but in the meantime enjoy the entirely necessary Transformers opening…

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