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Toy Tengoku – Episode 28 – HLJ Warehouse Adventure

HLJ warehouse wonders await in this episode of “Toy Tengoku”! Robin and Ardith explore the area of the warehouse that holds some of the hottest-selling figures…at the peril of encountering vicious Gloomy Bear and Melonguma!

Kits featured in this video:

Bandai 1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Sega Nichijou EX Figure: Nano Shinonome
FuRyu Accel World Avatar Figure Chiyuri
Banpresto DX Kirino Kousaka
Banpresto DX Kuroneko
Medicom KISS x Hello Kitty Face Plush Cushion (The Demon)
Bandai Figuarts Zero Tony Tony Chopper (New World Ver.)
Bandai Figuarts Zero Nami (Battle Ver.)
Bandai S.H.MonsterArts Fire Radon
Fewture EX Gokin New God Phoenix
Bandai Ultra-Act Ultraman Dyna Flash Type
Bandai Chibi-Arts Barnaby Brooks Jr
Kotobukiya 1/8 Aira Blanc Neige Galdinius PVC
Kotobukya 1/7 Cryska Barchenowa Guren PVC
Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-04S Grendizer & All Speizer Set
Bandai D-Arts Konohana Sakuya
MegaHouse 1/8 Excellent Model Core Izumi

Toy Tengoku Episode 28


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1 Comment

  1. As always, enjoyed the look-see romp through the warehouse. Lots of neat-oh stuff! 🙂

    One question that came to mind when you were mentioning the heat was, generally, at what temperature Celsius do figures start to become negatively affected by it being too hot? I have a fairly large collection of completed figures manufactured within the last ten years, or so, by various companies (Yamato, Aizu, Wave, Sega, Square Enix, Bandai, Kotobukiya, Amie-Grand, etc) and occasionally it can get fairly hot – 30 to 35 degrees Celsius – for a few days in the summer where I live (Vancouver, Canada). As many of the figures are in dramatic poses, where arms, hair, or clothing are stretched out, I’m just wondering at what point I might have to worry about heat and gravity taking their toll?

    Also, I try to keep my figures out of direct sun light to prevent colour fading, but I’m curious as to how susceptible they might be to discolouration over time?

    Hope you all had a great mini holiday and were able to get to the events you wanted to see.



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