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Toy Tengoku 22 – Gift Saber Extra – Square Enix Play Arts Kai Halo 3 Spartan Mark V Blue

On this episode of “Toy Tengoku,” TV’s Ryan serves as guide in a Play Arts Kai game figure fest-a-rama led by Spartan Mark V Blue! On the fixed-pose figure front, Gift’s stunning 1/8 Saber Extra PVC wows Robin and Ardith.

Items features in this video:

Gift 1/8 Saber Extra PVC
Square Enix Play Arts Kai Halo 3 Spartan Mark V Blue
Square Enix Play Arts Kai Deus Ex Yelena Fedorova
Square Enix Play Arts Kai Deus Ex Lawrence Barrett
Square Enix Play Arts Kai God of War Kratos
Square Enix Play Arts Kai Uncharted Nathan Drake

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  1. Some very nice figures again this episode, though of the two highlighted, I’d have to go with Saber. She’s just so finely sculpted! The level of detail is just incredible, especially in the way the figure’s body and clothing are posed. Though I don’t play video games, I did enjoy seeing the game related Play Arts Kai figures. The nice thing about those is that you don’t even have to know anything about the games to be able to appreciate them enough to collect them (I’ve never played FF7, but I’ve collected a few of the FF7: Advent Children figures because I liked the movie so much).

    Thanks so much for answering my question. Sounds like your desks are just full of collected wonders. After hearing Ryan’s comments at the end of the video, I quickly popped over to the Facebook page and saw the photos of Robin’s desk companions. Very neat (and cool desktop background)! Would love to see Ardith and other HLJ folks’ desk treasures. I like to think our workplace desks are a reflection of who we are. 🙂

    Thanks again for bringing us Toy Tengoku and I’m already looking forward to number Twenty-three!

  2. Saber Extra, is from the game Fate/Extra. Based on a parellel Universe to Fate/Stay Night. I never played the game though.

    She differs from Saber that you see from the Visual Novel/TV show. 😛

    Saber that we all know released in figure form are Saber, Saber Alter, Saber Lily.
    I would like to see Saber Lion. All King of Knights unite!

    Saber Extra, she’ll probably get the Bride version soon. 😛


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