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Play Arts Kai Cindy Aurum

Play Arts Kai – Cindy Aurum – Available from HobbyLink Japan

This time, we’ll be looking at Play Arts Kai’s posable version of Hammerhead’s wonderful mechanic belle, Cindy Aurum, released last July 2017!

The box features several enlightening paragraphs about who Cindy is and what Final Fantasy XV is, all in English and better to read with.

We’re also treated to a preview of the woman herself.

But before we can have fun posing her, we have to deal with the task that is assembling her stand. It looks a little daunting at first, but everything you need is included in the package, including the makeshift screwdriver.

There’s also translations of the instructions, which should help in assembly.

Putting them together isn’t too difficult, as long as you know how to follow instructions and/or have a basic sense of where each part goes. With the screw portions, I advise using your fingers to screw the portions in first, before using the screwdriver to tighten the screws.



The paint job isn’t the best, but it’s serviceable. I noticed some parts where the paint isn’t very exact and tapers off strangely, but there’s nothing extremely glaring. The paint flakes off on the toolbox especially, and the smell can stick to your skin. Thankfully, it doesn’t linger after you wash your hands.


Speaking of the toolbox, the details on it are pretty good.

You can also open it up and see some nice details inside the box, and even have enough space to put her unused tools in.


One thing I like about the Play Arts line is the detail with the faces, and Cindy’s is no exception. My only nitpick about her face is that a subtle smile would have worked better on Cindy, given her signature sunny disposition, but on hindsight, that might be a little creepy in certain situations.


Up and down joint articulation isn’t the best, but otherwise, posability is generally good. I couldn’t copy the exact poses that are present in the box pictures, but I could do some other nice poses, which isn’t a bad trade-off.


This particular action figure has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it will look good on your shelf. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XV and its eye-popping graphics, this definitely is a figure you wouldn’t want to miss.


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  1. Pretty nice figure! I would’ve preferred the sunny disposition smile. Never played FFXV but familiar with her from the pre-release footage and demo and because of Cid.


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