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Robot Damashii Gerbera Tetra Review

Robot Damashii Gerbera Tetra – Available from HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Following the unboxing, here is the review for the Robot Damashii Gerbera Tetra from the mecha anime classic Gundam 0083. This is a really great figure and easily the best toy of the design to date.

Despite the popularity of the Gerbera Tetra with fans, it’s never had a really great toy. All of them have either been redesigned to the point of being nothing like the original mobile suit, or were just terrible in terms of how they were made.

This new Robot Damashii toy changes all that though, so buckle up.

As Robot Damashii releases go, this is pretty comprehensive. In addition to the various weapons and massive Stürm Booster, you also get some nice effect parts. Not only for the various beam weapons but the boosters too.

The figure itself is sculpted beautifully and is spot-on to the original design. The detailing is also suitably sleek, if a bit minimal, but again that’s very much in-line with what you see in the anime.

The huge Stürm Booster is also great but really needs a Tamashii Stand (sold separately) to pose the figure properly, as when attached it cannot really stand up on its own.

The articulation is also excellent and very thorough and you can get a wide array of poses out of this figure.

Overall then, this is the best and most comprehensive toy of the Gerbera Tetra to date and is highly recommended to fans of Gundam 0083 that always wanted Cima’s final ride of choice.

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