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hololiveEnglish Gen 2 is here!

hololive really doesn’t need much of an introduction considering the group’s intense popularity these days, but for those out of the loop, hololive is a group of VTubers (Virtual Youtubers) under the COVER Corp name. They’ve long produced VTubers from all over the globe, and the highly anticipated second generation of English hololive talent have finally been set free into the world! Say hello to the ‘hololive English -Council-‘!

The members are Tsukumo Sana (九十九 佐命), Ceres Fauna (セレス・ファウナ), Ouro Kronii (オーロ・クロニー), Nanashi Mumei (七詩ムメイ), and Hakos Baelz (ハコス・ベールズ). Their debut streams on YouTube will be in the relay format and occur on Sunday, August 22, 2021 JST.

Unlike the past generation, this gen comes together with a common theme, as if each one were truly in charge of an ‘element’ like a proper council. These ‘elements’ are attributes such as Nature, Space, Time, Chaos, and Civilization.

Two trailer videos were released to celebrate the announcement of this new cast of talents!

We’re looking forward to what the new cast has in store for us!

We also have some VTuber merch, for those hype about hololive and other groups!

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