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Robot Damashii Full Armor ZZ Gundam by Bandai (Part 1: Unbox)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Robot Damashii Full Armor ZZ Gundam by Bandai (available as a Tamashii Webshop Exclusive)


In a slight departure, we’re going to cover a recently released Tamashii Webshop Exclusive, that of the mighty Robot Damashii Full Armor ZZ Gundam. This is a follow on toy from the Robot Damashii ZZ Gundam, that was publicly released a while back. The design itself comes from the latter part of the series of the same name and it’s also the first time it’s been properly done justice in toy form.

The original MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam was a strange yet very powerful mobile suit piloted by the carefree but still highly competent Newtype, Judau Ashita. Whilst it retained the classic core block system, its subsequent parts also transformed. The gattai sequence was consequently pretty complicated, too. As a series, it was somewhat of a mixed bag. It started out uncharacteristically goofy for a Gundam show but then found its feet around halfway through.

It was around this time that the staple mid-season upgrade to the titular mobile suit kicked in, this being the MSZ-010S Enhanced ZZ Gundam and then fairly quickly followed by the FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam. The latter is something of a fan favourite and was also featured in the side story Gundam Sentinel as the beefy FAZZ.

Anyway, over the years we’ve had all manner of toys of the standard ZZ Gundam, from the really rather good HCM toy from years back to the more recent and similarly excellent Kahen Senshi effort. However, the full armor variant has rarely received the same level of love. Admittedly there were a few Gundam FIX figures (of both the anime and Sentinel versions) but these were display pieces really and had a tendency to fall apart.

Admittedly there was also the Robot King but we don’t talk about that…

So when Bandai announced an all new Robot Damashii toy of the design, we knew this was somewhat of a big deal and promptly pre-ordered the beast.






The box is quite small and compact but it contains all that you need. The big party piece is the Hyper Mega Cannon but even without that the detailing, sculpt and gimmicks are all handled really nicely.

In any case, keep an eye out for the second part when we review the toy itself. See you then!

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  1. already grateful that the pepole of HLJ made it possible to send those Gundam kits to my country. (Holland) It’s the only way for me to get my hands on a Gundam kit because no one is selling them here. So now we have a RG in a 1/144 model, and still the manual is in Japanese language . who cares!


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