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Ptimo: Hatsune Miku by Fujimi (Unbox & Review)

Ptimo: Hatsune Miku by Fujimi (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-miku (1)

Hatsune Miku, the virtual idol, has already been made into loads of different products, but let’s see how this plastic model kit from Fujimi looks!

rrobbert184-miku (2)

rrobbert184-miku (3)
The box is just a little bigger than a Bandai SD kit.

rrobbert184-miku (4)
The price is 3500 JPY, but you can get 20% at HLJ.com!

rrobbert184-miku (5)
A stylish pose as you’d expect, along with the color guide.

rrobbert184-miku (6)
When you crack open the box, the main colors will pop out as you’d expect with her famous hairdo.

rrobbert184-miku (7)
The manual is a double-sided brochure type form, and doesn’t look very complicated to build.

rrobbert184-miku (8)

rrobbert184-miku (9)
Plates shown in alphabetical order.

rrobbert184-miku (10)

rrobbert184-miku (11)

rrobbert184-miku (12)

rrobbert184-miku (13)
There’s one pre-painted face.

rrobbert184-miku (14)
One sheet of stickers and one water slide sheet for different builders.

rrobbert184-miku (15)
I just built another MG God Gundam, and the number of plates is similar here!

rrobbert184-miku (16)
With the help of a good nipper, most of the work is nice and easy.

rrobbert184-miku (17)
Front and back of Miku. Basically she has to stand propped up by her hair.

rrobbert184-miku (18)

rrobbert184-miku (19)
Nicely painted face goes well with the microphone.

rrobbert184-miku (20)
Her arms and legs can move smoothly.

rrobbert184-miku (21)

rrobbert184-miku (22)
The cover art pose can be mimicked.

rrobbert184-miku (23)
Let’s see what we can do with the add-ons.

rrobbert184-miku (24)
Getting ready to cook soup may be the first think you think of when it comes to Miku.

rrobbert184-miku (25)


The mic stand is pretty bland though unpainted.

rrobbert184-miku (26)

For height, she’s taller than most Bandai SD kits.

rrobbert184-miku (27)
And is almost as tall as Kotobukiya’s Saber Lily kit.

rrobbert184-miku (28)
For some final thoughts, this is a fun kit to build. I’ts simple, neat and cute. What I like about the plates is that some fragile parts, like the headphone, are well protected by the plates themselves. However, it would be much easier if Fujimi put all the plates of the same color together, instead of spreading them out so much.  The other part I like about is the mobility. As said on the cover, there are 22 joints that can move. The only problem is that the arms are a little bit loose, which may be fixed by adding some cement on the plug pin and wait until it dries. Another little complaint might be about the negi, as you see it’s all white. Perhaps it would be better to offer 2 pre-painted ones? But all these won’t be a problem any more if you want to paint her properly. Overall, it’s a lot of fun to build and display, and if you’re a fan of hers, I think you might enjoy it.  Thanks for checking this out, see you!

rrobbert184-miku (29)
“How could she be so tall and beautifull?!”

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  1. its thirty us dollars for a little hatsune miku thats alittle bigger than a sd gundam isnt that alittle pricy


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