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No-Build Space Dioramas (In 1/18 Scale)

JoyToy brings us two new beautifully detailed but grungy and weathered diorama sets for your figures in 1/18 scale!

What is Battle For The Stars?

“Battle for the Stars” is a series of space-themed figures and accessories from JoyToy to create your own space battle scenes. So far, we’ve seen mech, character, and vehicle releases from the series, so these new additions are particularly exciting!

The New Diorama Sets

There are two separate diorama sets coming soon: a weapon section and a watching (observation) section for the mecha depot. In other words, these two display pieces can be used together to create an even more immersive scene than they do apart!

These dioramas also have some good profiles, with the watching section version being approximately 29.4cm high, 27cm wide, 22.5cm deep and the weapon section version approximately 40.5cm width, 29.4cm height and 22.5cm depth.

While they have the same overall style, the watching section is more like a watchtower and the weapon section has a larger space up top to place your 1/18 scale weapons. Unfortunately, no weapons or figures are included, but you can easily draw from your current collection to fill them.

Both these dioramas come out in April and only cost 4,300 JPY (41 USD). You can preorder them now at HobbyLink Japan. Once they’re gone, we may not see future restocks, so be sure not to risk it if you’re interested in these and get a preorder in, instead of waiting for release day!

Okay, but what are they good for?

These kits make the perfect display and are great for photo sessions as they are loaded with detail and weathering. They are made easy to assemble and feature a steep stairway, handrails, and places for weapons to be stored. Made at 1/18 scale, they’re perfect for your 1/18 scale action figures (and more than likely, figures that stand about 10cm tall, too).

For instance, the new G.M.G. Mobile Suit Gundam figures, despite being non-scale, are 10cm tall, and so we suspect that even these figures would make a great match. JoyToy also has its own figures that would be perfect for these dioramas.

But wait, there’s more! If you need more space-themed props in 1/18 scale, series like Acid Rain and Alien have you covered.

I like these, but…

…they’re too expensive, not in the right scale, or they just don’t have the right atmosphere for your collection.

Fortunately, we have a lot of similar options that may suit your particular collection, too! Some of our top pics are shown below: a 1/35 Road & Trailer Diorama Base, a 1/12 Steel Scaffolding Base or even a Mechanical Chain Base (which goes well with nonscale Kotobukiya kits & other mecha).

And of course, we can’t forget that Bandai has been coming out with a great series of 30MM Customize Scene Base that are perfect for quick & easy 1/144 mecha displays, too!

Be sure to check out the Battle for the Stars dioramas at our site, & don’t forget to slam that preorder button while you can:
1/18 Battle For The Stars Mecha Depot Watching Section Diorama
1/18 Battle For The Stars Mecha Depot Weapon Section Diorama

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