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New Plamo Arrivals For September 24, 2021

Our new plamo arrivals this week include exciting new 30 Minutes Sisters sets, tons of Hexa Gear accessories, the first Kyoukai Senki model kit, and more from Layzner, Kotobukiya, and… a fairy!? Check ’em all out below!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!

30 Minutes Sisters

30MS SIS-A00 Tiasha [Color B]

Tiasha is the newest member of Bandai’s 30MS (30 Minutes Sisters) figure kit lineup! This all-in-one kit includes parts to build the highly posable Tiasha, three different faces, and armor parts. She’s easy to assemble, and the parts are molded in color so you don’t need paint. Her facial expressions are tampo printed, and she’s equipped with 3mm-diameter ports common to the 30 Minutes series, so you can use 30 Minutes Missions parts as well.

30MS Optional Parts Set 2 (Flight Armor)

This set of birdlike armor is perfect for your 30MS (30 Minutes Sisters) Tiasha figure! It includes upper thigh parts, armor, and parts for her legs above the knees. You can attach mechanical legs from 30MM (30 Minutes Missions) kits too (sold separately) if you like, too!

30MS Optional Body Parts Type A01 [Color B]

This interchangeable body part for your 30MS (30 Minutes Sisters) posable figure kit from Bandai has the same proportions as Tiasha (sold separately) but with a different silhouette. You can create your own custom character by using the included 3mm joints with the arms and legs from your own kit!

30MS Optional Hairstyle Parts Vol.2

This set of four different interchangeable hairstyles for your 30MS (30 Minutes Sisters) figure will enable you to give her a whole new look in no time!

Kyoukai Senki

HG MAILeS Byakuchi

In a new line-up of HG model kits from “Kyoukai Senki” by Bandai comes the HG MAILeS Byakuchi! It’s able to replicate a cylinder chest gimmick with hard points placed in various areas of the robot. Decal stickers are included, as well.

Hexa Gear

HEXA GEAR Booster Pack 003 Night Stalkers Ver.

Kotobukiya’s third HexaGear booster pack brings us a universal four-wheel vehicle! It’s been made with recombination in mind, with lots of parts that are useful for customizing and building your own unique creations, such as frame parts equipped with a large number of hexa holes. The chassis and body parts can be easily disassembled to recombine with other HexaGear items! The armor is molded in the same black as Road Impulse and Bulk Arm Beta Lumberjack, so it’s easy to assemble without painting; the connecting parts between the cockpit seat and the Governor can be slid up and down, to adjust to the height of the Governor. The grenade launcher on top has a removable magazine that can be attached to either the right or left side; the headlights and taillights feature clear lenses for realism. This is the first booster pack with multi-color molding, too! There’s even a set of binoculars for the Governor!

HEXA GEAR Alternative Cross Raider Night Stalkers Ver.

Kotobukiya brings us the Hexa Gear Alternative Cross Raider, Night Stalkers version! This general-purpose motorcycle was one of the first examples of existing technology that was adapted to the Hexagram technology; in this case it was a simple matter of replacing the entire engine with a Hexagram. This made for a machine that was familiar to use, simple to maintain, and able to be easily updated with later improvements in the technology. This highly adaptable motorbike has been customized into many varieties, such as the Road Raider for urban areas, Long Leg for mountainous areas, and Yeti for cold areas. New variations are constantly appearing on the battlefield as the Cross Raider continues to evolve and survive.

HEXA GEAR Early Governor Vol.1 Night Stalkers Pack

A new pack of Hexa Gear Governors is now available in this first volume from Kotobukiya, featuring the Night Stalkers!

HEXA GEAR Army Container Set Night Stalkers Ver.

Kotobukiya brings us a set of storage containers and armaments for HEXA GEAR collections. featuring the Night Stalkers theme!

The main container, case, tank, and tank case color is consistent with the black color used in LORD IMPULSE and BULKARMB “LUMBERJACK:, enabling a wider array of combinations. The coloring of the small arms has also been changed to a gunmetal color. The main container can be opened and closed to store the included weapons and accessories inside. Also, by extending the handles on the side, the container can act as a suitcase for up to 15cm Frame Arms Girl character models. The rifle case can be opened and closed, and the included Anti-Material Rifle can be stored inside. The Anti-Material Rifle can be used with or without the bipod to create a variety of different scenarios. Two different types of tanks are included and can be stored inside the storage case that can then be suspended by other Hexa Gear models.

Sousai Shojo Teien

Takanashi Koyomi (Reiho High School / Winter Clothes) (Reissue)

Takanashi Koyomi is made with a modest number of parts so even beginners can assemble her easily; she’s also molded in color so you don’t need to paint her. Fully posable after assembly, she comes with four interchangeable facial expressions, as well as blank facial expression parts and waterslide decals, so you can create your own expression for her. Three interchangeable hairstyles are also included, as well as bangs to be worn with and without her glasses. Three different skirt parts can be used for different situations such as sitting in a chair (special thigh parts are also included for when she’s sitting down).

Five interchangeable hands are also provided, as is a base for display. Her neck features a ball joint with a 5mm diameter, so she can use Frame Arms Girls heads too! An additional 6mm ball joint is included so she can use Megami Device heads. She also comes with open and closed books, her phone and school bag, too.



Bandai adds Zakaal, Eldarl and Dankov from “SPT Layzner” to their SMP (Shokugan Modeling Project) lineup! Each small, detailed model kit will be posable after assembly, and each one comes with a piece of gum. They’re randomly packed in boxes of three.


SD Gundam EX Standard Wing Gundam Zero

A completely new model of Wing Gundam Zero joins the SD Gundam EX Standard lineup from Bandai! He comes with plenty of weapons, and you can combine them if you like; you can also use his weapons with 1/144-scale HG models! The backpack wing can be deployed, too, and that also can be used with HG model kits.


Puripura Fairy Pico Lime

Build your own sweet little fairy! This “Puri-Pla” palm-sized plastic model kit from MIC features all the prepainted parts you’ll need to assemble this charming fairy, including her lovely translucent butterfly wings. Choose from any of the four different facial expressions provided! Assembly is easy, too!

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