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Donkey Kong takes over Super Nintendo World in 2024!

Super Nintendo World has been a huge hit here in Japan, and that comes with zero surprise! Between the immersive and vivid themes, fun park rides, delicious and novel food, and interactive elements – there’s no doubt here that everyone wants a shot to join Mario and his friends for a fun theme park day!

But something bananas is approaching… It’s not exactly close, but the ape and monkey take over is on the horizon! It’s time for Donkey Kong to take the stage in his own special area of the park!

“Can’t wait to lounge in ‘Donkey Kong’s Banana Hammock’!!”

– HLJ Staffer

The Universal creative team and the Nintendo creative team have come together to make the world of Donkey Kong come to life. Even Shigeru Miyamoto has a hand in the creation! The team plans to make the new addition a world-wide game changer when it comes to technology and innovation in theme parks. Once the new Donkey Kong expansion lands in Super Nintendo World, it’ll increase that part of the park by nearly 70% – that’s bananas!

So who’s ready for a trip to Universal Studio Japan?! I know I am!

If you can’t just wait until 2024, we’ll bring the Super Mario stuff to you!

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