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New Plamo Arrivals For November 26, 2021

This week’s new plamo arrivals include a BIG one from Bandai: the MG Virtue! Bandai also gives us new Digimon and 30 Minutes Sisters kits. There’s also more from Megami Device, Zoids, Tekkaman, Patlabor, and more — see them all below & get your orders in before they’re gone!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!


MG Gundam Virtue

The powerfully built Gundam Virtue, piloted by Tieria Erde in “Mobile Suit Gundam 00,” gets a spectacular new Master Grade model kit from Bandai! The Virtue’s external armor can be detached to reveal the Gundam Nadleeh within! The lining parts create a sense of density; each part hatch can be slide to reproduce the GN field expansion state. The GN cable on its legs uses resin parts that have undergone hologram processing to give them extra eye-catching brilliance, too! The barrel of the GN cannon on both shoulders expands and contracts, and they can be moved to the Virtue’s upper body for its attack form!


Figure-rise Standard Amplified Omnimon (X Antibody)

From “Digimon: DIGITAL MONSTER X-evolution” comes the ‘x antibody’ version of Omnimon, joining the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series from Bandai! It’ll be approximately 20cm in height, and has connection holes in various places to allow for future expansion and customizations. The cloak can be expanded by changing the attachment position at the base.

30 Minutes Sisters

30MS Optional Body Parts Type G02 [Color C]

Customize your 30MS with this optional body parts set. This set features a different silhouette compared to the “SIS-G00 Richetta” (sold separately).

30MS Optional Hairstyle Parts Vol.3

Customize your 30MS with these brand new hairstyle parts. This four piece set features two long-haired styles (red and black), a twin-tailed style (purple), and a ponytail style (blonde).

Megami Device / Alice Gear Aegis

Megami Device: Ayaka Ichijo (Ei-shun)

The latest from Kotobukiya’s Megami Device series is the Another Version of Ayaka Ichijo in her [Ei-shun] look from “Alice Gear Aegis”! To sweeten the deal, the kit comes with a code to receive a free item in the game! Three new face parts and a new bangs part are included in this version. As part of the Megami Device series, the model consists of the base ‘machinika’ body designed by Masaki Apsy and a variety of unique armor and weapons. The model is equipped with 3mm connection joints and includes compatible head parts for users to customize with the existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Hexa Gear, and Sousai Shojo Teien plastic model kit series.


ZOIDS EZ-027 Raven Raptor

Raven Raptor has joined Kotobukiya’s world of HMM “Zoids,” fully equipped with brand new armor and a Pile Bunker unit! The massively sized weapons don’t compromise the awesome movability and velociraptor-like poses. The cockpit hatch on the head can be opened and closed, allowing for a pilot figure to be placed inside. The Zoid Core inside the torso can be removed. In addition to having a symmetrical design for the left and right side of the upper arms, 3mm connection points are added to the elbows for fans to have the option of adding hardpoints to this model when assembling. 

ZOIDS Customize Parts Pile Bunker Unit

The Pile Bunker Unit, the customization parts set for HMM Zoids, has arrived! This set of customization parts is compatible with EZ-027 Raven Raptor, and includes a special HMM original design arm and a radar unit. These parts can also be attached to various HMM Zoids using the included connection parts. Also, special connection parts are included for equipping the parts to the forearms of Godos and Iguan. You can also use two sets to create a Double Pile Bunker! Equip your HMM Zoids with this powerful weapon that spans over 22cm long!


Tekkaman Blade

From the 1992 TV anime series “Tekkaman Blade” comes a plastic model of the Tekkaman Blade itself! It comes fully articulated and the main weapon can be recreated in its standard form or split into two pieces. The shield is removable and can be attached to either the arms or the waist. The runner is molded in six different colors, and the parts are designed to be finished close to the character image without painting or glue.


MODEROID AV-0 Peacemaker (Mobile Police Patlabor)

From “Mobile Police Patlabor” comes a plastic model kit of the cutting-edge Neuron Network System equipped Labor and successor to the AV-98, the AV-0 Peacemaker. The revolver cannon, stun stick and shield are all included and its chest covers can be displayed opened, allowing you to pose the revolver cannon being pulled out. Additionally, its stun sticks can be displayed stored with the use of interchangeable parts which can also be used to display it using its spear hand from the classic OVA.


KWG06-C Tyrrelbeetle (Medabots)

The giant stag-beetle inspired bot known as Tyrrelbettle re-joins Kotobukiya’s “Medabots” lineup! Posable after assembly, it’s molded in color so painting is not necessary. It comes with two painted face visors and one unpainted (clear red) one. It also features a medal to attach to its back, and more. In addition, you can combine it with the separately sold Arcbeetle-Dash for even more display options!


Raiden V Director’s Cut FT-00004A Azuma (2P Color Ver.)


NUMBER 57 Armored Puppet Hibernation Pod Plastic Model

Creative Field expands their NUMBER 57 Armored Puppet sci-fi model kit series with the Hibernation Pod! Its assembly structure makes it possible to change the height and footprint of the pod, so various figures can use it for hibernation! It also comes with an LED light-up function which requires button-cell batteries (not included).


P.M. Office A brings us their first two-color-mold kit — a set of shields! These shields are perfect to upgrade the defensive capabilities of any of their PlaAct model kit series; they can also be used with other kits of appropriate scale. They can be connected side-by-side or vertically, and they can also function as obstacles. Each shield has three hard points on the back, to attach it to a variety of items.

Clear Orange
Off White

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