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Recycling, Gunpla, & Art Come Together At Operation Gundam R

The Operation Gundam R Event was officially held by Bandai on November 20th & 21st, 2021 in the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building to convey the importance of plastic recycling and Bandai’s recycling efforts. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to send one of our awesome staff members to visit the site to take photos and see exactly what Bandai was bringing to the table with this event!

The event got on our good side right away with handing us a free Entry Grade Gunpla at the entrance made of eco-friendly plastic. Every visitor to the site received one at they entered – sweet! For those willing to plop down some cash, they also had event-exclusive Gunpla for sale, too!

Tables and chairs were set up so adults and kids alike could build any kind of plamo they’d like! A really great space to be creative!

There were a couple of art installations utilizing recycled runners as the medium for the displays, including this amazing video of the Tea Room exhibit!

When it comes to interesting stuff to look at, the event also boasted some Augmented Reality displays, a photo spot sporting a huge Gunpla at a massive 2m high, an exhibition of Bandai’s latest models and action figures, and a 1/1 Gundam Head made from recycled runners!

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  1. Man-!!! Tht was some really AWESOME displays & programs put into action!! I wish could hav been there 2 share n the festivities!! So, does ths mean tht, going 4wrd, Gundam & general Modeling Kits will be made frm recycled plastics?!? Seems smart 2 me; should hav been done years ago… And how can us “Gundamites” (I made tht up. U like?? Full Credit!!) contribute?!? We hav TONS of extra parts just sittng around or tht gets thrown away, includng boxes.

    • Right now, the recycled plastic kits have been limited to events in Japan, but we’ll see what the future brings! Recycling areas are also limited to Japan (for now), but our advice is to hang onto those runners and wait to see if Bandai opens the recycling program to overseas builders, too! As for boxes, those might be recyclable depending on the rules for paper recycling in your area, so be sure to check into those at your city hall or local waste/recycling center if you’re interested!


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