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New Plamo Arrivals For March 25, 2022

This week’s new plamo arrivals feature an assortment of kits from Kotobukiya and more. We’ve got new Hexa Gear, Frame Arms, and EZ Zoids, plus the return of a popular Muv-Luv kit, and then some! Check out the new arrivals below, and get your orders in before they’re gone!

Hexa Gear

Hexa Gear Governor Ignite Spartan

Gear up your “Hexa Gear” collection for the newest Governor from the series – Ignite Spartan! The parts other than the wrist are completely newly designed. A hybrid model incorporating joint structures from other models, such as WARMAGE, with a hip joint that can hold larger weapons, neck joints that can articulate front and back, and axial joint structures of the ankle are all featured. The ‘Colossal Lance’ can be folded in the center and includes a telescoping feature at the base that can act as a pile bunker. It can also divide at the center, allowing you to disconnect the parts.

Hexa Gear Sieg Springer

Can you tame this steed-like Hexa Gear Sieg Springer from Kotobukiya? Details of the artificial animalistic muscles have been carefully sculpted to make a more organic silhouette compared to previous iterations. The tail unit is flexible and can be arranged into ‘sprinter mode’ by attaching the included effect parts. Two types of forefeet are included, and you can also change up the head with other Hexa Gears to customize your own unique centaur.

Frame Arms

Frame Arms EXF-10/32 Greifen:RE2

The Frame Arms EXF-10/32 Greifen is the first-ever Frame Arms designed especially for underwater use! Designed by illustrator Tomotake Kinoshita, it features shoulder armor with a built-in head and a screw covered by a large visor. Its rugged silhouette and distinctive backpack power unit help it withstand water pressure. It carries its own complement of weapons for underwater work, too.

Frame Arms Greifen Armor Parts (Ver.F.M.E.)

This special “Frame Arms” model kit from Kotobukiya includes the exterior armor parts of the underwater Frame Arms EXF-10/32 Greifen. You can build the Greifen itself by combining this kit with the Frame Architect Type-001 Grey RE2 (sold separately); the parts are cast in off-white, to either blend in with another mech, or to be painted as you like. Clear parts are also included.


EZ-017 Iguan Marking Plus Ver.

The “Zoids” Iguan is returning to the HMM line by Kotobukiya in an all new improved color scheme! Iguan is built with a hybrid airframe that uses the same frame as Pteras and Godos which is a must-have for fans in recreating battle scenes between small-sized Zoids. Part of the Small-Bore Particle Beam Cannon attached to its head can be interchanged to attach the Crusher Vice. Fans can also enjoy playing with the expanding feature of the Flexible Thruster Binder attached to the Iguan’s back.


Takemikazuchi Type-00F Takamura Yui Custom Ver.1.5 (Reissue)

The Japanese Imperial Savior Type 00 tactical walking fighter Takemi Kazuchi Type 00F used by Takamuri Yui is available again in its 1.5 version! This model kit from Kotobukiya is molded in high-gloss colors, and you can get a result very much like the robot seen in the show just by assembling it!

Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock Dimensional Voyage Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia Ichiban Ship

Captain Harlock’s mighty Arcadia Ichiban spaceship, from the manga “Captain Harlock Dimensional Voyage,” gets its first model kit from Hasegawa! The six-toothed skull on the bow is a new part (the classic five-toothed skull is also included), and no glue is required for assembly; it’s molded in green, brown, white and black to simplify painting. The triple pulsar cannon’s turret can swivel, and the barrel moves up and down; the Space Buster (quick-firing gun) can also move up and down. In addition to the skulls, a replaceable knife-shaped ram part for the bow is also included! A clear stand to display the Arcadia Ichiban in flight is included too.


Mini-Pla Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Series 01 – Don Momotarou Alter Set

From the sentai series “Donbrothers” comes an easy to build Mini-Pla kit by Bandai! A total of 6 types are included to complete the Don Momotaro Alter figure. The set also includes a big-sized weapon, movable interchangeable hands, and a special stand!

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