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New Plamo Arrivals for August 12, 2022

The highly-anticipated God Gundam has just hit shelves this week along with a pile of other new plamo! A FULL MECHANICS kit is here from Kyoukai Senki, too, along with new mecha girls from Raider of Shadow, The Hunter’s Poem, and more! Plus: new 30 Minutes Missions and Cyber Formula! See them all below and get your orders in before they’re gone!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!


1/144 RG God Gundam

God Gundam from “Mobile Fighter G Gundam” joins the RG model-kit lineup from Bandai, pursuing the widest range of motion in RG history by adopting the structure of the human body!

Kyoukai Senki

1/48 FULL Mechanics MAILeS Kenbu ZAN

The main character of the second part of “Kyoukai Senki,” MAILeS Kenbu ZAN, has joined Bandai’s FULL Mechanics model-kit lineup! This robot features a mechanical design that makes it not only highly efficient in battle, but also easy to maintain and highly durable. It comes with its large super-heated combat long sword, which can be placed on the weapons rack on its back. The cannon on its arm can be removed, and the chest structure that mimics that of the human body reproduces the expansion and contraction movement.

Raider of Shadow

1/12 Raider of Shadow RS-01 Rat Plastic Model Kit

Ms General’s original plastic model-kit series, “Raider of Shadow,” debuts with RS-01 Rat! She comes with two different bodies, and can be freely switched from her “soldier mode,” equipped with a large beam rifle, and her “magical girl mode,” equipped with a wand!


1/10 TKB-01 Yozen & Howling Celestial Dog (Red) Plastic Model Kit

MS General brings us a new figure kit series, “Taikouboh,” based on Chinese gods and demons! The mechanical girl Yozen and her Howling Celestial Dog are the first on the scene; the dog can be disassembled into armor and weapons that Yozen can wear! They’re available in two different color schemes — red and white.

1/10 TKB-01 Yozen & Howling Celestial Dog (White) Plastic Model Kit

The Hunter’s Poem

1/12 The Hunter’s Poem Artemis & Fafner

Artemis and her support unit Fafner are the latest additions to “The Hunter’s Poem” model-kit lineup from Suyata! Artemis comes with mechanical limbs in addition to normal human ones, so she can be combined with Fafner; she’s also armed with swords and remote-control weapons. The first production of this kit will come with one of three randomly selected hibernation capsules!

Fantasy Girls

1/12 CYBER FOREST [FANTASY GIRLS] 2nd Remote Attack Battle Base Info Tactician Lirly Bell (Regular Edition)

The second edition of the bishoujo mecha-girl model kit series “FANTASY GIRL” is here — say hello to Lirly Bell, also known as Rabbit! Fully posable after assembly, she’s a tactical analysis specialist, and she comes with a touch-panel tactical board, as well as a gun for close combat, a carrot-type missile, and an AI-equipped pod for escort.

Cyber Formula

1/24 Super Asurada SA-01 / C

Pui Pui Molcar

MODEROID Molcar Potato (Pui Pui Molcar) (Reissue)

From the “Pui Pui Molcar” stop-motion sensation comes MODEROID plastic model kits of the Molcars! Enjoy recreating the Molcars from the series with a simple assembly of the pre-colored parts. The model kit comes with two kinds of tire sets – a set to use for posing and a set that rolls. A figure of Potato’s driver is also included. Stickers for displaying Potato as though crying or sweating are included as well!

30 Minutes Missions

1/144 30MM Optional Parts Set 9 (Large Booster Unit)

This large booster unit for your “30MM” (30Minutes Missions) items can be displayed by itself, or it can be attached to your figures as a customized part! Parts that make customization easy are included, such as shield binders, a large leg unit, and joints.

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