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Nendoroid More: Robobot Armor & Kirby Review

Nendoroid More: Robobot Armor & Kirby by Good Smile Company – Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Following the unboxing, here is the review for the Robobot Armor toy from the 3DS game Kirby: Planet Robobot. Considering the nature of the design, Good Smile Company has done a pretty great job here and it’s definitely an imposing piece.

As this is the first toy of the Robobot Armor, there is not much else to reference this too but due to the structure of the original design, it’s somewhat limited in how you can play around with it.

This set comes in two parts, the Kirby pilot and the Robobot Armor. Kirby is like the other Nendoroid versions of the character is effectively a metal ball with magnetic hands and feet. This means you can position the hands and feet wherever you want on Kirby and that’s pretty neat in and of itself.

This version of Kirby also comes with pilot’s helmet and goggles from the game and also has one of Kirby’s more aggressive facial expressions. Like the other Nendoroid Kirby releases, this is a great little rendition of the lovable pink ball and is a great addition to an already impressive set.

The Robobot Armor itself is the real highlight though and Good Smile Company has done a solid job here. In the original game, the arms and legs are not directly connected to the torso and instead hover in place. This is obviously not something the toy version can do and as such it has clear plastic joints to mimic the game setup.

The joints are solidly done and allow for an array of poses. If the arm joints feel loose, you can actually pop them together to tighten up the joint. While the arms have a good range of motion, the feet are quite limited.

However, due to eth size of the feet, it’s difficult for the toy to stand up of its own accord. Thankfully, it comes with two stands and these can be used to keep the figure stable.

The sculpt and details are very nicely done and very much in line with the broad as well as the bright art style from the game.

The cockpit for Kirby also has some nice paintwork but to have Kirby sit snuggly within the Robobot Armor you have to remove the magnetic arms, though the feet need to stay on.

Overall, this is a lovely and very large toy (as you can see from the addition of a Robot Damashii RX-78-2 Gundam for comparison) and if you loved the 3DS game as much as I did, you definitely want to pick one of these up.

For more Robobot Kirby information and a second opinion, check out our Toy Tengoku episode about him!

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  1. Such cute pictures.💖

  2. I really need it I don’t have one


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