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Riobot Jehuty (Second Shipment) by Sentinel

Riobot Jehuty (Second Shipment) by Sentinel (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-jehuty-revised (1)
Jehuty from Zone Of the Enders, had already been made into models and action figures by many different companies, but let’s see how Sentinal does with this premium figure.

rrobbert184-jehuty-revised (8)
Things are off to a good start!

rrobbert184-jehuty-revised (2)
Simple but stylish cover art, in a squarish box.

rrobbert184-jehuty (6)
This is no model boya!  When you open the bookstyle cover, the main body is right there, and already looking quite shiny.

rrobbert184-jehuty (9)
Lots of extra parts and accessories, so don’t forget to dig around and make sure they’re all out of the box.

rrobbert184-jehuty (7)
A very simple manual with advertising is also included.

rrobbert184-jehuty (8)
The backside of the manual shows off some of the features and mobility.

rrobbert184-jehuty (10)
Here’s the front shot, and right away it’s impressive with its metallic painting, sharp details, and clear parts on the shoulders.

rrobbert184-jehuty-revised (4)
Just a little shorter than a Master Grade, and you can see it’s a lot shorter than this Anubis model.  But the details and colors really make it stand out in comparison.

rrobbert184-jehuty (14)
Clear effect parts can be added to its wings to great effect.

rrobbert184-jehuty (15)
Things look promising in the mobility department.  Posing is going to only be restrained by your imagination.

rrobbert184-jehuty (16)
As you can see from this yoga pose, looking straight up.

rrobbert184-jehuty (19)
The MG Ground Gundam can’t do this.  Then again, should it?

rrobbert184-jehuty (20)
The hips can be pulled out, and the knees can be stretched to increase the posability.

rrobbert184-jehuty (21)
Getting it off the ground in flight mode is a good chance to show the range of movement.  It’s quite striking visually.

rrobbert184-jehuty (22)
Thanks to the mobility of the legs, the chopping poses also look impressive. You’ve also got a choice of short and long blades.

rrobbert184-jehuty (23)

rrobbert184-jehuty (24)

rrobbert184-jehuty (26)
Jehuty can also carry a steel beam.  This can even be done without the stand, with a bit of patience.

rrobbert184-jehuty (27)
Same idea with the steel plate.

rrobbert184-jehuty-revised (8)
The ring radar is a fantastic addon.  Every pose automatically looks even better!

rrobbert184-jehuty (29)

“Nuff said.

rrobbert184-jehuty-revised (3)
Overall,  I’m really impressed by this figure. The overall quality is incredibly high, with the shiny metallic paint all over the body, lots of details including carved energy lines, and an incredible range of movement.  Even for someone like me who is bad at posing, it can’t help but look sharp, and captures the feel of the game.  Lots of optional parts add a lot of options to already impressive the main body. There are some parts that are sometimes inclined to fall off, but it doesn’t detract very much from the figure.  Overall, if you enjoy this kind of figure and a great paint job, I’m sure there are lots of epic looking poses waiting to be shown off on your shelf.  Thanks for checking this out!

rrobbert184-jehuty-revised (5)
Anubis:”I win the size battle.”
Jehuty:”Yes, but can you stand up?”

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  1. Nice to see such a highly detailed figure that also has a great range of motion. I also like the colours. Thanks for the review.

  2. I love the bone details of the backbone especially on the nape area. The structure of the rib cage is very well done and kind of reminds me of Unit 02 of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The skirt or cockpit (forgive me this is the first time I have seen this model before) umm.. how do I say this?.. looks like a pennies.


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