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Japan’s newest Joker is a single Father to… Batman?!

You heard that right! DC’s signature villain has dedicated himself to raising a baby Batman in the newest morning gag manga “One Operation JOKER!”

In this official DC manga the reader will start out seeing a usual scene of Batman and the Joker in a tense fight, until Batman falls into a barrel of chemicals that turns him into a literal infant! Some may think that the Joker would be over the moon that he had finally defeated Batman, but oh no, that’s far from the case! Without Batman around to put all of his attention on him, the Joker feels empty… So there’s only one choice left to him! To raise up Batman with that ultimate sense of justice to put the pieces back into place!

Behind the laughs of the series, there’s also a commentary being made by the media. ワンオペ (One Operation) in Japan references a ‘one-person operation’ that many women in Japan face, with pressure being put on them to be the ones responsible for all of the domestic labor at home with little help given to them. It’s true that Japan has gotten a little better with this pressure in recent years, but it’s undeniable that housework and child-raising is viewed as something that ‘the woman should do’ by a large chunk of the population. And now the Joker is finding himself in this exact position! Basically, the Joker is doing more than most men in Japan in this regard and he’s a super villain! Good luck, Joker!

If you can’t wait to read the child-rearing Joker, why not check out the Batman goodies we have? Maybe you’ll find something you’ll love!

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