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U.C. Warfare

Submitted By: Phoebus

Hi all,

I am an Italian Gunpla addicted modelist and i’d like to share with you my works.
Let’s start with this diorama. I used 2 GM Type C Master Grade, the first one is assembled straight from the box and painted in digital camo. The second one is modified in Powered version with its conversion set. Figures and vehicles are in H0 scale, houses are totally scratch built and sand came from sahara desert.
weathering effects are made by oil paints and pigments by Tamiya and Mig Productions. I spend a lot of time working on this dio and i hope you guys will like it.

Thanks to all.

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  1. awsome it look so natural keep on the good work

  2. Dude I love what you’ve done with the GMs~!!

  3. Very cool diorama! I love it!

  4. very nice bro. keep it up!

  5. ThIs is so awesome!
    What are the conversion parts you used as I am a big fan of the powered version but not east to get p-bandai expensive version here in london.
    Word up!


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