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HGUC – ReZel (Custom Commander Type)


Submitted By: Mel

Model Kit Used: HGUC ReZel (Regular Type)
Paints Used:
Bosny Silver Red
Bosny Flat Black
Bosny Willow Green (Shading)
RJ London Matte Finish
Bosny Hi Temp Silver
Semco Acrylics (Black)
Future Floor Polish (Secondary Sealer)

Build After-Thoughts:
This was my year-end build at around April of last year before my schedule became hectic due to school work.  The ReZel was just released during that month and after seeing the Mobile Suit’s design, I immediately took a liking to it (especially since it was a successfully Mass Produced Zeta Gundam).  All that aside though, I was not pleased with the molded in color of the plastic as supposed to the colors it features on most artworks, thus I decided to customize it into a fictional version of a Commander Type ReZel piloted by an ace pilot.

The color-scheme was inspired by the Red Snake Zeta, a Zeta Gundam variation which was featured on the Gundam Evolve mini-clips released by Bandai.  I’ve also made several modifications on the shield and on the backpack unit (which I’ve attached several images if someone were to be curious on how and what changes did I made).  The transformation  was a unique concept as it made the Mobile Suit compact though was a hassle, since the kit is actually a “parts-swapper” where you need to replace the connectors for the backpack, legs, and the whole torso area, thus I decided to just scrap the transformation gimmick in order to avoid possible paint scratches and chipping on the future due to handling.  One thing that I didn’t liked about the kit is the semi-loose leg joints, but it could only be a problem on my kit copy.  But aside from that, construction of the kit feels very sturdy overall and very much like the 1997~1998 Master Grade kits in terms of joint placement.

Overall the ReZel was an enjoyable kit to build and the most versatile for modifications.  Articulation is very good (as expected from a transforming mobile suit), plus the weapon load out is simple but ample enough to give the kit more versatility when it comes to posing option.  Additionally, if you have extra action bases, the kit can pull-off a lot of cool aerial poses.   Given a chance, I would like to construct another custom ReZel, that by itself is a sign that I thoroughly enjoyed this kit and highly recommended for fans of the Zeta Gundam or transforming mobile suits.

Feel free to leave your comments about the build and suggestions in improving my skills as modeller.

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  1. Nice use of pla-plate. I like the inverted backpack wings and color scheme that you went with. I something about this kit reminds me ofthe Seed and Destiny Gundams.

  2. dude this just screams epic

  3. i know this is late but what did you do to make the launchers on the backpack?

  4. did you use Bosny primer sir?


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