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Gunpla TV – MARUTTOYS TAMOTU Black & White

We’ve got something sleek, glossy, and new on the table today! Dorothy’s taking a look at the new Maruttoys line Tamotu kits from Kotobukiya, designed by garage kit maker Miz! Similar to the familiar MechatroWeGo line, these little robots are part of their own future timeline where they help out with everyday tasks.

Modern and adorable, they’ve got great articulation and customization possibilities… and they can even hold your paper clips! Be sure to check them out!

In this episode:

Check out even more MARUTTOYS TAMOTU here!

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Level 75 Marketing Mage. Editor, admin, and occasional code monkey. Stand User in her free time. Though she does build kits when time allows, time doesn't allow often. Her favorite lines are Hasegawa's Mechatro WeGo line, Meng's World War Toons Pinky line, and weird miscellany like Platz's bonsai tree kits. In general, if it's a detailed miniature that's too small to be useful for anything other than taking up space, she'll probably love it.


  1. These are just so so cute! =D

  2. What a great alternative to Haro, he’s now got some competition, haha! Cute and hope to see more variations being released!

  3. looks great with figma

  4. cute design with the right size

  5. Not very into this, but they could be good as “filler” in some displays.


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