Apr 18
HLJ : Luke


Submitted By : Sunny

Hello Everyone,
This is part 2 of my 2 kits, the 1st part being the SD Godgundam. Hope you guys like the paint job. I decided that I wanted a metallic finish on this SD Wing so I chose my colors accordingly.
Please comment, if you like or dislike the work done.

Paints used:

  • Tamiya TS 39 mica red (spraycan)
  • Tamiya TS 53 Deep Metallic blue (spraycan)
  • Gundam Marker yellow (bled paint out applied with brush)
  • Tamiya x25 Clear green (brush apply on beamsaber)
  • Tamiya TS27 Matt white (spraycam)
  • Copic marker 0.03mm for lining Tamiya XF 54 Dark sea Gray


  1. compare to my SD wing zero…
    this is 100% better..

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