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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 66 – MG Heavy Arms Unboxing – Fine Molds Falcon Build Strategy – D-Style kits!

Gunpla TV reverses course in this episode by showing off some of the smaller model kits in our warehouse rather than the monstrosities that we love so much.  Along with Kotobukiya’s D-Style kits we also crack open the newest MG, Heavy Arms.

Kits featured in this video:
1/100 MG XXXG-01H Gundam Heavy Arms EW Ver.
Kotobukiya’s D-Style lineup!
1/72 Millennium Falcon
1/144 HG Dorado
1/144 HG Zedas R

For information on the Prizes & Categories for the Sci-Fi Modelling Competition 2012 click here.

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  1. Hi Syd and Ryan
    Don’t know if you guys saw my question last time so I’ll just try again.
    I received a Titanium Finished Sinanju for Christmas, before i cut any of the armor parts out what should I do. No matter how carefully I cut out the part it will lose the finish since it’s only coated on to the runner, what would be the best way of fixing this?

  2. Hey Guys
    Another great show
    Could you please do some more Zoids and Armored Core builds

  3. Hi Syd,

    I was wondering if you have top coated your clear armor version strike or plan to? I am guessing you would have to use a gloss coat because a flat coat would change the finish on the armor.

    And looking forward to the modding episodes!



  4. Syd Sked-
    I was a student in America; my school is in California in Arcadia named Arcadia high school. And we had a lot of home work sometimes in the week every and every I sees the gunplay episode make my life feel real.
    Thank you,
    Stanley Xia

  5. Hey guys Im new to watching your show but ive been modeling for about 30 years now. I love Gundams but mostly love the Macross Series . I have a question for you. Concidering I live in Pennsylvania and there is hardly any Hobbyshops that carry imported kits, Can I order directly from HLJ and also can I bunch kits together to save on shipping ? Also I was watching your latest show when you read a comment about using degreaser to take off chrome plating, The best thing to use for that is common household Bleach just put the runner or parts in a tray of bleach and the chrome dissolves before your eyes.

    I hope that helps

    Great show


    • Hi Troy,

      Yes, of course you can order directly from hlj.com! Ordering more kits will save you shipping compared to ordering them individually. Thanks for the tip about the bleach.

  6. What’s up with the long lead time between shows after the new year?

    • @Erik, people are busy and sick sorry.

  7. is it possiable you order in america and shipping to California?

    • @ stanley, sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean?

  8. i means that if you order online can it be shipping to america ?

    • @stanley, of course. We ship world wide and many of our customers are American based.

  9. order in hobby link japan.com

  10. Hi.
    I’m unable to download any of your iTunes podcast except for Episode 60 only. I tried to unsubscribe and then resubscribe but the same thing. I know I can watch online here or on Youtube but I’d rather download the episodes to watch whenever I’d be able to.
    Any info will be much appreciated.

    • @mussafir / Shaharul sorry we are currently trying to sort out something for future episode on itunes, right now we can not support them.

  11. Luke: Tq for the info. Guess I’m stuck at watching the episodes online for the time being. Keep up the great work!

  12. Je vais terminer de regarder tout cela ce soir


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