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Toy Tengoku – Episode 10 – Arale-chan & G.E.M. Lelouch!

In this episode of Toy Tengoku, Ardith and Robin bring you the poop on two great new figures. One of ’em even comes with poop!

Items featured in this video:
Fewture EX Gohkin DX Arale-chan
MegaHouse G.E.M. Lelouch vi Britannia

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  1. Another nifty episode! Keep up the great work! Loved it when Arale-chan’s face was removed…reminded me of a fembot from The Bionic Woman! And I agree the Lelouch vi Britannia figure was a really good sculpt. I really like it when a stationary figure is made to look like it’s in motion, and MegaHouse does a nice job of that.

    Looking forward to what shows up in the next episode!


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