Mar 13

Tearing themselves away from their new favorite thing, Syd and Todd switch modes and present the newest Iron-Blooded Orphan kit while oogling the just-released HG Atlas Gundam!

Don’t forget HobbyLink TV’s Playing With Plamo 2017 contest is still ongoing. If you haven’t joined there is still time to get in on a chance at some great prizes. For details click here!

Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin – HG Zaku I (Char Aznable)
1/144 HG MS-05S Char’s Zaku I
1/144 HGBF Amazing Strike Freedom Gundam
1/144 HG Gundam Bael
1/144 HG RX-78AL Atlas Gundam (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/144 HG Gundam Kimaris Vidar
1/144 HG Gundam Vidar
1/144 HG Gundam Kimaris Trooper
1/144 HG Gundam Kimaris

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  1. milk that cow

  2. Nice wrist action there Todd hehe.

  3. Mhmmmmm

  4. I see you’re pretty good at milking Todd. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. No more GOUF-ing around! Finally shipped my stuff out of the private warehouse for the competition, but I don’t know if my bank account can handle the 1/100 Bael and the RG Amatsu Mina. T_T

  6. I want the GOUF and Freedom!!! I would love to get some free stuff. Very new to all of this, started watching the first few episodes and I was hooked. I have seen all episodes up to the 150’s, as well as the most recent 3 episodes. I ordered the MS option set 9 from you guys to turn what will soon be my second kit into the Landman Rodi which I think is one of the coolest mobile suits around. I already have some nice metallic orange for the custom painting required.

  7. I’m a recent fan of Gundam, it’s always been been in the background during my youth but I never really delved into it until the release of Gundam IBO. Since then I’ve been thrust into the model kit community, watching a variety of gunpla videos and constantly researching about them. As a result of getting into the franchise late, I was immediately appaled by the Zaku designs, favoring lead mobile suits instead. Until I watched Gundam The Origin Films and picked up an Origin Char’s Zaku II and amongst the kits i’ve purchased its my second favorite. The Origin line seems to have so much quality making me appreciate even the designs I used to dislike. I’m intrigued by several kits in the line and that Gouf is amongst them, I should probably get my hands on one.

  8. The kit roll out for March is looking pretty nice, especially the Atlas Gundam.

    Question for the two of you: who are your favourite characters in the Iron Blooded Orphans anime?

  9. This episode was a bit empty compared to the others. I guess not all of them can be winners and you guys need some downtime between massive releases. I just want to know what other MGs will come out this year. Hopefully we can get a Stark Jegan a GM-III or the Loto.

  10. I actually like the new Kimaris Vidar… not as much as the Vidar tho!

  11. I really like the look of the Atlas Gundam, for sure I will get this kit.

  12. nice frame arms girl poster

  13. I do much prefer the original Kimaris over the Vidar. Though with all the Kimaris forms, it’d be cool to make a combination with the best parts.

  14. PM said on March 13, 2017

    Can’t wait for the new HGUC Zeta and RG model.

  15. hi todd

  16. Cannot wait for the new announcement on the new RG number 25

  17. This is me commenting, waiting to win

  18. ZAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. A pleasant start of the flood has come,this is but a trickle of what is to come… My only regret is that I can never get close to the 1/1 scale RX-78-2,a huge blow to my gundam-fanboy-dreams.*cries pathetically*

  20. The Design of the Barbatos Lupus Rex is to compensate for Mika’s fighting style of punching and ripping things apart indefinitely. That is why the arms are reinforced so they don’t break apart like what happened in the Hashmal battle. Also the yellow claws were added for this reason. The toes are questionable as I really don’t know why they were given yellow parts but the Tail Blade was added for more versatility and seems to work well with the AV (Alaya Vijnana) System. I really don’t understand why the Rex was given the small shoulder armor, which is why in model form the Barbatos Lupus Tekkadan shoulders work a lot better. Overall for me it’s not a bad design, but a fusion of the original Lupus with the Rex would look a lot cooler in my opinion. Also thank you for presenting the Kimaris Vidar, it looks really sharp and will definitely be getting this kit hopefully soon along with the Bael.

  21. LOL I’ve asked three times already but I’ll try one more time. Have you guys decided on anime expo yet? I would love so much to see you guys again.

  22. rg unicorn definitely coming.

  23. Gouf! Gimme!

  24. i want an mg atlas gundam…. and that would be my first thunderblt kit

  25. I kinda need that proto gouf in my life… but i dont have any cash right now 😛

  26. any of the two will be nice to have

  27. Everything’s about that Zelda Breath of the Wild lately and I can’t complain, it’s a fun looking game. If only I could get it. :'(

    I really like the new version of Char’s Zaku, i’m probably getting both because while they’re different, they’re also similar and I love how both look in their own rights. Non P-Bandai variants will always be a big plus for me, we need more of them nowadays. I love the Amazing Strike Freedom, it’s a neat idea, and it’s a neat looking MS, i’ll definitely pick this one up, love the design, and love how it reuses the Strike Freedom parts, I dig it. HG Bael seems like a neat kit, I especially love the shoulder emblem, but i’ll have to wait for the FM Bael to get my taste of the first demon. Atlas is a must have, I can’t see why people are hating it’s stickers, I think Bandai did a good job already and it’s not like other HGTB kits aren’t sticker heavy, they even have more! Nevertheless, I really want to have have this new HG Atlas, it speaks to me in a way I like and I can’t miss out on this one.

    The new Kimaris Vidar is a mixed bag for me, as a Kimaris fan i’m obligated to buy it since I have the HG Kimaris and will get an HG Trooper, but it’s quite different. The color shade is off, the coloring itself is weird, and has some serious stickers. Still, i’ll get it because it’s a unique design and I do like it.

  28. Not a fan of the new kimaris, I thought the Vidar was better looking and totally agree that they’ve taken a step back in design.

  29. Only a matter of time for that MG atlas. Great show as always guys.

  30. Arigato syd, todd and ryan! May you always build.

  31. Bah, everyone knows that the Gouf Custom is the only real Gouf 🙂

  32. Looks like Ryan is all about that Atlas.

    I think Vidar and Kimaris Vidar are different enough to get both. But where Vidar is much better as a 1/100, KV probably won’t get one.

  33. yeah, new video.

  34. Looks like Atlas also has fairly good color separation.

  35. Lol gawd imagine doing the milking cow action in a public place xD

    Anyways hate that Kimaris Vidar, so ugly. Super sad that the Vidar was just a stand. Now the Amazing Strike Freedom looks pretty rad, and hope its backpack doesn’t have a ‘bird’ gimmick :/

    Great episode!

  36. I cant wait for a MG ver ka Atlas

  37. all i see is a kimaris wearing black pants, i prefer trooper, with kimaris vidar’s shields
    jesus yamato give me that freedom please

  38. I can’t help but smile and laugh at the Kimaris Vidar’s drill knee. It certainly is something different that we’ve never seen before.

  39. Iron Blooded Orphans kits always have something weird in them!
    Probably Bandai is trying to be innovative. They are trying to do something new everytime and they risk a lot!
    For example the feet of the Vidar….did you see them? How weird they are?
    Is it now better a common “old style” foot of a Rx78?
    Sometime is better to not look for something strange at all costs..or you get lots and lots of weird kits like the IBO line or the Reconguista line.

  40. Frame Arms Girls are nice.

  41. Definitely not todds first time with that action

  42. I like the kimarus in all ways and forms but each form always comes with a hamartia that ruins it for me, the first form and it’s onion head, the trooper had butt too big, the vidar had his hacksaw feet, and the kimarus vidar and his pointy toes, it’s like someone at bandaid is trying to mess with me

  43. I like the kimarus in all ways and forms but each form always comes with a hamartia that ruins it for me, the first form and it’s onion head, the trooper had butt too big, the vidar had his hacksaw feet, and the kimarus vidar and his pointy toes, it’s like someone at bandai is trying to mess with me

  44. The Kimaris Vidar could use a bigger lance.

  45. great show. i’d love to have my hands on that gouf. I like those Origin mobile suits.

  46. what is your favorite gundam series?

  47. I kind of wonder how the hell did all the Kilmari’s designs approved. They all use ph***c weapon that just gets bigger with each new version….
    And about the Kilmaris Vidar being the odd-one in the bunch. I think different color scheme would make it look better.Like the legs in its default Kilmaris color and no yelow accents on the offwhite.

    PS. Cant belive Todd didnt fight for Atlas. Its TODD B. version afterall ^^

  48. In comparison, The vidar looks cooler than the Kimaris Vidar, plus in The Kimaris Vidar I think you can split the heels and the toes to make it flat so it can stand in flat surface

  49. first kimaris, the kimaris trooper, then vidar, but then we go to the kimaris vidar. really wished to have seen what the vidar trooper looked like. oh well


  50. Waiting for the payment notification for the RG Gold Frame. Then it is time to clear out the private warehouse along with the Atlas. Syd “saving” that last sticker sheet for last was a bit mean. Really was hoping there won’t be any yellow stickers for the Atlas.

  51. Gouf gouf gouf!
    A nice classic ms

  52. Great Show guys Building a SD for the contest wish me luck

  53. I personally really love the look of the Kimaris Vidar, to me it looks like a mashup of all of the villains Mika has already faced/killed.

  54. Dat gouf!

  55. i want the freedom

  56. hopefully bandai will make a 1/100 full mechanics on the kimaris vidar. next release this march would be awesome can’t wait for my premium providence please release it faster HLJ. waiting for it. that freedom though. want to have that hg kit..

  57. I really prefer the look of the Vidar over the Kimaris Vidar. I think Vidar might be one of the best looking suits on IBO. I think they would have had more success going with a more upgraded Vidar look. The Kimaris Vidar feels a little to Frankenstein monster for me.

  58. Todd reminds me of George McFly in 1955 from Back to the Future.
    I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  59. You really gotta love those origin kits. Old mobile suits but updated with modern mechanics.

  60. Looks like Gali Gali likes chickens…

  61. Great episode as always guys! Todd’s face tho when Syd didn’t hand him the Atlas.. PRICELESS! Can’t wait to see the completed model!~

  62. Looking forward to see those new releases. Great episode!

  63. Can’t wait to see that Amatsu. Wish it was gold played, but hey still looked awesome from the pictures I’ve seen.

  64. Gouf reminds me of the meme “you dun goofed”. xD

    But back to the 1:1 Unicorn. You guys should totally bring out an HG, MG and PG scale and take a family photo for them once it is ready!

  65. The kimaris vidar look cool
    Great video as always

  66. really looking forward to the mg providence hope to get it when it comes out. It will be my third kit not counting the one I built in the late 80’s.

  67. Hey Guys, great show as always! I’m looking forward to getting the 1/144 HG Gundam Vual in April which coincides with my Birthday! Great looking kit to add to my IBO Manga Gundam collection. Just a suggestion for your show. How about showing us some other Gundam related products that we could use for our kits like new decals, custom parts and so on. Just to keep us moderate gundam fans up to date on such stuff.

  68. Come on Syd there’s no need to fight over kits just pull Seniority, That’s what they do at my job all the time,lol.

  69. Man, Vidar look really good and mean, like I wouldn’t mess with that guy but then it turn into Kimaris, Steppe down in my opinion.
    What do you guys think of the Nintendo Switch?

  70. Vidar Kimaris looks great!

  71. Vidar is best kimaris

  72. Looks A cool kit to customize that Vidar Kimaris just didnt really like that feet , need to change it to make it badass

  73. planning on buying the gundam Vidar

  74. Gouf for the win! Great show as usual. Todd “Mr.” Brown had a good line up…those Kimaris space boots are crazy. Origin Zakus and the Atlas are must haves…thanks, Syd!

  75. Just built the Kimaris and now there’s a cooler one

  76. not sure how i feel about the kimaris vidar i think its one of those one you need to see in person

  77. Looks like they did a fairly decent job with ratio of plastic / stickers for the yellow on the Atlas Gundam. Looking forward to the build to see how it turns out. I would like the Gouf but if somehow I get selected for the Strike Freedom please redo the selection for it. I want nothing to do with Kira Yamato but I do like Rau Le Creuset so looking forward to the MG Providence coming out.

  78. That Gundam Bael looks very NICE!!! I will def pick up the 1/100 … not to much of a fan of the 1/144, but 1/100 lots of potential 😀

  79. Can’t wait to get my hands on those new kits. Also now that Bandai Star wars Kits are being sold in the U.S.. are you guys going to bring them back on to the show?

  80. i like vidar more than kimaris vidar..

  81. I wonder why they didn’t incorporated some of the weapons and design of the Vidar to the Kimaris Vidar.

  82. This video is great because i liked the evolution of the kimaris. It is also great that the atlas is coming because i enjoy thunderbolt a lot.

  83. I dun goofed didn’t I?

  84. Very nice! Strike Freedom would be great

  85. Another episode another time i wont win anything.

    Though i am curious about the comparison of both strike freedoms.

  86. The kimaris evolution walk

  87. Seems like everyone wants the mech, not the pilot.

  88. yes

  89. Earth Is Flat. Fight me.

  90. I won a prize? Finally. After years of trying. Thanks.

  91. So excited for the MG Providence! That Gouf I want!

  92. Is that supposed to be a blue “Kimaris”? Get that weak thing outta here.

  93. While we are on the subject of posters in the backround: I have always been wondering where one might get one of those?

  94. Hope they make another thunderbolt MG soon. Keep up the awesome work!! 😀

  95. Hopefully I can get an entry done for the competition once finals are over.

  96. I hope there won’t be a 3 year year wait for an MG Atlas Gundam

  97. so many zaku… so many kimaris…

  98. With IBO Season 2 coming to an end. What is both of yours favorite kit from Season 2?

  99. Yay I finally won a kit. I will cherish it as an artifact of Gunpla TV history.

    You see, the trick to winning is to talk about Frame Arms Girls…

  100. I still prefer the normal Vidar :/ totally didn’t expect it to get that bulky when they remove the camo, usually its the other way around.

  101. Love the show. Am soooo tempted by the 1/144 scale kits; especially the RG range for which I am generally curious, but I have only 1/100 kits. Mixing the scales…. nnngghhhhhhh, not sure how that would look on my shelf. That new RG Astray Gold Frame may push me over the edge though. Looks soooo nice!

  102. Another Char Aznable MS, the collection is growing…. And, I kinda hear syd said orgy kits?

  103. New TB kits!!!! Order has been out through 🙂

  104. That Frame arms girl poster reminds me, I need to buy some frame arms girls.

  105. The Kimaris gunplas are great, each form different than the last. Whereas Barbatos hardly changes in each form. The anime shows that Kimaris is overhauled to better fight in a specific battlefield while Barbatos is overhauled because it sustained heavy damages. I think the anime shows the disparity in wealth and resources between Tekkadan and Teiwaz versus Gjallarhorn and Gaelio. It also shows how weak Gaelio is as a pilot. In season 1 he insulted Mikazuki for having an ancient mobile suit and when he couldn’t win against him (Mikazuki) he brings out Kimaris and thinks he would win. The second season has Kimaris changed greatly to fight faster and with more maneuverability. Kimaris Vidar also shows Gaelio’s weakness, he has to rely on the type-e einz brain machine just to stand on equal footing with Barbatos and Bael.
    Great gunpla they are.
    On a side note, Kimaris Vidar is not showing in the hlj website, is it just me or what?

    • Honestly HGUC zeta “revive” looks awesome but sucks its a partsformer and rg gold frame mina amatsu re2 looks great also would be neat to get a seed kit

  106. Honestly HGUC zeta “revive” looks awesome but sucks its a partsformer and rg gold frame mina amatsu re2 looks great also would be neat to get a seed kit


  107. aawaaa my eye’s my eye’s,O switch. does that cow have horns?

  108. Time to build a Nintendo Switch and play a Kimaris Vidar!

  109. informative as always for a gundam noob like me

  110. Sometimes I miss Brian because he loved to show more different kits.
    I would love to see some more non gundam related kitson the show, too.

  111. I like the crazy “ski boy” gundam.

  112. the Kimaris Vidar looks better in anime, the model itself not that well sculpted and coloured. I wonder will they ever produce a 1/100 version.

  113. i now have every 1/100 of galios suits except kimaris vidar. perhaps if i bash them together.
    Wish hes also get a full mechanics

  114. Can’t wait for 1/100 Bael

  115. kimaris vidar. gross. get that outta here! I don’t wont that in my house!

  116. Plamo plamo Everywhere!!

    Thank you!

  117. I kinda operated under the assumption that the Kimaris was just the frame and the armor was mostly interchangeable. Since we’ve seen that they can identify gundams by their reactor output maybe the camouflage was masking the reactor output? Maybe I’m trying too hard to rationalize giant space robots?

  118. a Gouf with Kimaris Lance.. it would be awesome

  119. Great show guys. Im curious for the IBO kits do you prefer the HG or 1/100 versions? In terms of gimmicks and maneoverability the 1/100 seem much better, but they also seem flimsy in comparison i guess?

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