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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 27 – PG Strike Freedom WIP Part 4

Leaving the lower body behind we take on the torso of the massive Perfect Grade Strike Freedom and while it’s not a terribly difficult build it does have some interesting aspects to it, including some rather large, and somewhat cumbersome armor pieces! Also the MS Era book’s paperback edition (“M.S. Era Popular Edition”) is for sale at HLJ.

In this episode:
1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam
1/144 Extreme Gundam

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  1. nice nice nice

  2. i envy you guys.. you can afford to have one of that pg strike… any way just watching this video makes me feel i also have one …hahaha

  3. Nice build Syd. Looks pretty simple compared to 00’s design. That cockpit hatch mechanism is cool. Is there a LED included in the kit? If so, is it one of those battery pack/LED units like the OO kits have?
    An observation regarding the presentation- when you do these two part posts, could you split them up into two seperate pages? I dont exactly have the fastest connection, and it takes awhile to load two videos at once.

  4. Hey Syd,

    just noticed the detail on the above.. it said 1/100 extreme gundam. But shouldn’t it be a 1/144 instead? typo error I believe but just wanted to bring this to your attention 🙂

    nice tutorials! and Strike Freedom rocks!


  5. Hey Syd,

    I heard that the next real grade would be the alie strike gundam can you comfirm if this is true and if it is can you tell me when it will be release. And as always great job with the videos.

  6. Would be great if you guys would restock things like the LED parts, motors and so on. Ye’re the only online store that has things like those (Or at least, ones made with models in mind), yet most are labelled as discontinued.

    Also, I’ll just say again how fantastic that book is; made out like a classic photo album, provides really interesting slants on a lot of early Gundam events.

  7. The RG Aile Strike is already up for pre-order at HLJ… coming out in April.


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