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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 64 – Z.O.E Jehuty – MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

Gunpla TV goes big this time around with a completed Mega Size to show off as well as a look into the latest Master Grade kit, the crazy Full Armor Unicorn.

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/48 MEGA SIZE MODEL Gundam AGE-1 Normal
– 1/100 MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka
– 1/3000 SDF-1 Macross Transformable Unpainted Assembly Kit DX Ltd.

For information on the Prizes & Categories for the Sci-Fi Modelling Competition 2012 click here!

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  1. @ 07:09 ‘that’s what she said’ hahahahaha!! you guys rock! Been watching since it started and lookin’ forward to ingesting more Gunpla TV episodes in 2012. By the way, thanks for hosting the sci-fi competition. It’s given me a reason to start clearing out my model kit backlog and start pushing my building skills to the next level.

  2. Hey Syd and Ryan, thank you so much for making such a great show. I started watching Syd around episode 4 and haven’t missed an episode since, Syd has taught me around 80% of the skills I know now.

    I was wondering about the official Bandai waterslide decals, a few episodes back you mentioned you weren’t sure if they were still being produced, and right now you only have 3 avaliable on your websie and all the rest are backordered or discontinued. You mentioned after market places they can be picked up, but if possible I’d prefer to support Bandai.
    Do you know if they will be releasing waterslides for the Epyon? And if not, does Syd have any good suggestions for how to put dry transfers on curved surfaces without rubbing them off as you try place them?

    A kit like the Unicorn is fine for dry transfers because it’s mostly flat and squareish, but I couldn’t imagine trying to do a extra curvey Sinanju and accuratly put all the dry transfers on straight.

  3. Dear Ryan and Syd

    Sorry for posting the question again. I think it has been overlooked!

    Thanks for spending the time to put such a great show together! Most wonderful.

    Here is my question: there are a several pieces for my gunpla that I would like to spray them all in light blue. Yet some of these pieces come in black and others in red. I was wondering whether spraying them with grey primer before applying the light blue will allow me to achieve the same (shade of) light blue for all of them afterwards. If so, how many layers of grey prime would you recommend?

  4. Happy New Year to everyone at HLJ. :3

    Glad you guys are looking forward to new kits. Me too, especially the Seed MGs (GAT X series) *fingers crossed that they will release them all like Wing series*

    The Jehuty kit looks fabulous. I can’t imagine what it would turn out to be like if used the flourescent green Gundam marker for the panel lines!

    Will there ever be a competitive build showdown with Syd and Scott? : D

  5. Hi Syd and Ryan, i never lose a episode of gunpla tv, and you guys help me to improve my skills, i have two question for you, the first one is what are yours psn id? to play Battlefield 3, black ops and COD modern warfare 3, and the second is i have a NG 1/100 Avalanche exia and I want to know if it is compatible with the Gunpla LED Unit Green? Thanks for all, and you are great!!!!!!

  6. Hi Syd and Ryan, i never lost a episode of gunpla tv, i have two questions, the first one is what are the psn id of you? to play Black ops, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 and the second is I have a NG 1/100 Avalanche exia and I want to know if it is compatible with the Gunpla LED Unit Green, thanks a lot.

  7. Syd, before I started putting together my EW Ver. Epyon I came across Gunpla TV 4 days ago when searching for tips on building my model, which by the way I’ve finished watching all 64 Ep. Now with some tips from you guys I’ll be moving onto the Sinanju Titanium Ver. My worry is with the finish and gate marks. I’m not too worried about smoothing the gate mark as much as I am with the dull finish afterward, how do I fix this.
    Also on my next model after the Sinanju I would like to do a custom paint job, could you suggest a beginners guide in English.

  8. Hi Syd and Ryan..i think i need your opinion..
    which gunpla should i build??
    RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.2.0 (MG) or FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam (MG)??
    confuse to think..i <3 both kits but only have money to buy 1 of it..

  9. hey guys been watching since the very start, and youve come along way since then so a big thumbs up.

    i have a question regarding the compertition, once i finish and click submit content all i get is the spining arrow next to it with no confermation about my pictures being submitted no matter how long i wate, should i normaly be redirected or do i recive an e-mail telling me iv been enterd?

    thanks guys

  10. i’ve starting watching your episode this january from the very start up to episode 64 and you guys rocks, and all info i need to build my gundam coming from you helps a lot!!

    so, when will the next episode 65 will come out just in case, so that i wanna see new arrivals of gundam to see

    and also, im starting my gunpla hobby by building a gundam 00 seven swords\g, i know im a starter, but by watching your episodes, i cant wait to begin, im still waiting for my kits as of now i havent started yet…. ^^

  11. Hey, I have a question for the sci-fi modeling contest. My question is, can we use two model kits if we are making a diorama? For example, a gundam getting destroyed by the other. I hope that you will take the time to answer my question and I love your show a lot.

  12. If I win in the competition. Am I allowed to choose any item that are available in HLJ? or I’m only allowed to choose model kits?

  13. When is the next vid. it;s been tree weeks

    • Episode 65 has been posted live on our site.

  14. Was just wondering if anyone is having problems downloading podcasts, as iTunes isn’t updating them, and your iTunes podcast page isnt listing any new episodes…

  15. Hey guys, I was wondering for your next video to get a birthday shoutout on your show. My birthday is february 2nd and I bought a MG Heavy Arms EW ver as a present to myself. I’ve seen every episode of gunpla tv from ep. 1 to the most current and enjoyed every episode. Keep up the good work syd and ryan!


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