Feb 22

Wonderfest is now behind us so we can focus our video production attention to episode 196 of Gunpla TV. Todd meets his obligations and more by building the Ryuuseigo and also bringing in some other HG IBO stuff and Syd shows you how to bake a Rebaked Gusion.






Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 MG Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0
1/100 RE/100 Efreet Custom
1/144 HGUC Gouf
1/100 Grimgerde
1/144 HG YMS-03 Vaffu
1/144 Full Armor Gundam (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/144 Zaku II + Big Gun (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/144 HG new MS G
1/100 Gundam Gusion / Gundam Gusion Rebake
1/144 Ryuseigo (Graze Custom II)
1/144 HG Graze Custom
1/144 HG Gundam Gusion
1/144 HG Gundam Gusion Rebake
1/144 HG Grimgerde
Character Stand Plate: McGillis Fareed
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos + Long-Distance Transportation Booster

For the person looking for the link to the 1/100 MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise here it is.

Gunpla TV


  1. lucky draw

  2. Finally week is not complete without my gunplatv fix.

  3. Gimme that!

  4. ACTUALLY Syd, the first revive was the guncannon, not the rx-78-2. You have brought much shame upon yourself.

  5. Poor Gusion. They rebake it. 🙁

  6. great episode

  7. I’m always excited for a new gouf kit, time to preorder!

  8. I need my first revive kit !!!

  9. Im going to start to asking Helix sama the help to win some of your kits; Wish me luck!

  10. Unfortunately I am currently more intrested in the Kotobukiya kits announced in the wonderfest :3. I have a lot of ideas already in planning in my head.

    I have been making MS girls out of FA.Girls and its tons of fun.

    When will we get an idea for the release dates of those new kits XD?

  11. For the lord of Oprah. Gimme dat granddaddy booty. I swear if I got that, I’ll permanently pose “draw me like one of your french girl” pose

  12. So what’s with the Rebake name? It sounds like a way to recook a cake.

  13. Maybe it’s just me but the shoulders on the Ryuseigo bears quite a bit of resemblance to the Hyakuren’s shoulders minus the cylinder tops and thrusters…

  14. Can’t wait for 200!!!

  15. Yeah sexy Gundam! 😀

  16. Rebake,and RX-78-02 look so cool over there!!! ^o^

  17. Grimgerde is so cool!

  18. just wondering how big will the box be for 100 scale Long range booster. Looks epic on the Graze

  19. Whoo 4 more episodes until 200! Loving these IBO kits 😀

  20. Bandai ruined the rx-78 for me because of the amount of rx-78 kits and rx-78 variations that they released in 2015. They could have released kits that deserve to be in kit form than these rx-78 BS. It would actually piss me off if I actually win this time.

  21. How am i know if i am anonymous or not? Do i need to sighn in before comment to be registered.. hey guys dont talk about stoping yet.. what will i do without gunpla tv?

  22. it’d be pretty cool to see the hg revive rx-78-2 next to the rg rx-78-2

  23. Syd and Ryan another great episode.
    By the way, a question to Syd or Ryan or any one in HLJ. Any news on whats happening with Bandai’s water slide decals? Are they stopping productions on their water slide decals? Don’t get me wrong, clear stickers on the new kits are getting better and better, but their water slide decals are still the best. ^_^

  24. Ill take that sexy gundam!

  25. cool … new kit
    hope i could win…

  26. Loving these IBO kit, i have been building them from the start, can’t wait for the Barbatos form 6 ! And once again great show guys !

  27. If the RNG God smiles upon my humble soul… Would you ship the gundam in the sexy man pose?

  28. SWEET! New Freedom kit 😀 Excited to see the changes / improvements!!

    Also, that sexy pose! So Smexy!

  29. Syd, when you put the RX-78-2 in the sexy pose, I instantly thought ‘Draw me like one of your French girls’

  30. Sweet looking kits. The Grimgerde looks so sleek

  31. Always wanted a REVIVE RX-78-2 but never got around to getting it. Praying to Gunpla Oprah that I can get it. Really excited for episode 200. Keep up the good work.

  32. RX-SEXY8-2
    Can’t wait for the MG Freedom 2.0

  33. Not everyone likes the freedom gundam, I personally hate it. Always saw it as an eye candy version of V2 assault buster.

  34. I could use some magazine parts…

  35. great show guys i will miss this while i am training

  36. I can’t wait to see that 1/100 Gusion Rebake. I love that color palette. I am new to this hobby, but am in love with it. My first kit was the 1/100 Graze Standard. I can’t wait to see how this new kit compares.

  37. Great episode guys!!


  39. Soon I will get that Gusion Rebake

  40. the IBO kits just keep getting better

  41. i wanted the froger gundam but a rebake is better!

  42. i want to win again XD

  43. Hey guys I have a question. I lost a couple of crucial pieces for my rg Mk.II and for my kamiki burning. can I order the separate runners?

    • HLJ used to offer a parts ordering service, but they no longer do so. There are other places you can get them – I believe GGInfinite offers a parts service, as well as some middle-man companies. You can also ask around on hobby forums like Macrossworld or Gundam Eclipse. Hope that helps.

  44. I didnt get the 1/100 Barbatos when it first released but I decided to order one when I got the 1/100 Gusion/Rebake.
    Even though they have slightly different frames I’m going to see if I can Frankenstein some pieces and get both Gusions standing on my shelf.
    Worst case scenario I get a Barbatos to display 😛

  45. Loving the IBO kits will order some next time!

  46. Hi Guys,

    As always great review and discussions you have here…

    As you and Todd have mentioned about the Graze’s high heels (feet design) and Girls intrigued about it…do you think what Bandai did to the Graze feet design is meant to attract girls to hobby?

    Also, hoping we have some “girl” do a review or something…

    Anyways Thanks,

    • If they really wanted to attract girls to the hobby, the least they could do is release 1/100 kits of the Hyakuri/ren. You know, the mecha piloted by actual women.

      The high heel foot has been with Gundam from as early as Zeta. It’s not part of any new push to attract girls. (Or rather if it is, then it’s a stupid one.) And keep in mind that high heels have fallen in and out of fashion multiple times over the course of human history. Most recently, it was men wearing high heels as cavalrymen that gave rise to women wearing high heels on the runway in the West: Once the cavalry charge was rendered obsolete by the machine gun (all the way back in World War I), shoemakers began to market high heels to women as fashion items, and the story writes itself from there.

      But yeah, it would be nice to see more girls get into the hobby. Part of that would involve representing girls in the hobby in the first place.

    • Why the quotes on “girl”? Should we put Syd in a wig? 😛
      There are a few past episodes that Lindsay and I participated in if you want to take a look back to see ladies on the show — we did some ‘cute’ kits, but also some HG, Plum models, and weapons parts.

  47. please make a compition putting gundam in similar sexy poses nothing to lewd of course

  48. I would like that javelin. Cant wait to see the new freedom.

  49. Hey! The Grimgerde!!! last episode blue episode…now Ryusei-Go! and the Grimgerde!!?!! RED Episode!! :3

  50. The Sexy Gundam and the Facepalm Gundam should be in the same diorama!
    The Sexy Gundam in front of a burning fireplace on a soft bearskin.
    And the Facepalm Gundam entering the same room. Weird and funny at the same time!

  51. Cant wait to see the Rebake 1/100, so cool looking… Now please gods of randomness… Pick me for the Revive RX-78-2!!!

    And for next weeks new IBO Kits yes yes yes!

  52. Ryusei-Go Awesomeness!!!!1

  53. great show guys.only 4 more to go for episode 200. The 1/100 Gusion “doble cara” gimmick is a huge surprise.This episode is the “pull the rabbit out of the hat” episode of Gunplatv. Hopefully there will be more surprises to come.

  54. so sad i didn’t get the D!!! cant wait for the episode 200!!! congrats guys its been what? 2 years? hahah keep up the good work!! (teary eyed) ^^

  55. 4 more episodes till episode 200? and what do you guys think about gundam thunderbolt series so far?

  56. I like gunpla.

  57. Nice episode! when that kit came out I thought it was spelled “Rebaked” lol.
    Just finished a painted build but I’m saving it in case Epi 200 contest requires showing a kit.

  58. Great episode! Very nice looking kits coming out soon!

  59. i am sexy and i knew it -Mr. RX78-2

  60. The Gundam 1/100 Gusion/Gusion Rebake combo pack is big!
    Hope this comment finally gets picked for the Freedom Gundam prize! Wooooooooohhhh!

  61. Oh, our lord and saviour Random Number Generator. Bless me with thy gunpla.

  62. lucky draw time!!!! i hope it will be me this time!!!!!!

  63. Come on guys give me that sexy grandaddy gundam i need it!!!

  64. The classic RX 78-2, that is how you bring sexy back.

    Questions for you guys, I have a bunch of coworkers whom just recently got into Gunpla and brought the couple of perfect grades, the unicorn and banshee norn, as their first kits (all hail the PG master race). They want me to build both kits because they are too afraid they will mess them up. At the moment, I am thinking of walking them through the build process, to boost up their confidence. Do you guys have any other tips or confidence boosting strategies to get them more engage? I don’t want to steal the fun of building an awesome kit away from them.

    The next IBO kit I predict probably another variant of the the Graze series.

    • Have a build party! Try getting together for dinner and building some kits together afterwards. I’ve done this kind of thing a few times with friends, and it’s been a blast.

  65. Cool episode! huhuhu

  66. ガンダムハマー!!!Okau I’ll stop lol…

  67. OMG RX-78 one of my favorite gundams, hope the random number generator god notices me as well!!!!!!

  68. I love the D.

  69. Still Patiently Waiting/Hoping That Bandai Will Make the Gundam “Zaku Mánagarmr” from Gundam Built Fighters. Really Love the Design Of that Gundam and The Coloring.

  70. Curious how beard Ryan and no-beard Ryan are never seen on camera together…

  71. I love the grimgerde!

  72. Aliens…

  73. Great video guys!

  74. Just ordered the HG Kimaris and the HG Grimgerde. I have fallen in love the the IBO suit designs like I didn’t think I would.

  75. The Grimgerde design is sooo awesome! Totally getting the 1/100.
    Question: How accurate is the 4 to 6 week of backorder? Will it increase the chance of the restock if I place the order?

    • In my experience, if it’s listed as backordered, that means there’s already at least one person before you who ordered it. So if you place an order, it’ll increase the AMOUNT of restock, but not the chance per se. In fact, if it’s a limited-supply item (like, say, a Kotobukiya Armored Core kit), they might only be able to fulfill the order of the person who was “in line” before you, meaning you’ll have to wait even longer.

      I’ve had HLJ bill me for backordered kits within as little as two days (because their suppliers had the item in stock) and as long as two months (because the item was a fairly limited-run item). Once HLJ even had to cancel my backorder after several months because the item was officially (or at least for the foreseeable future) discontinued.

      So I would say that the 4-6 weeks is a respectable time frame, but you should also take into account how niche/old/etc. the item is and adjust your expectations accordingly.

      Hope that helps.

  76. i want sexy gundam 😀

  77. I need that!

  78. Hey guys I was just wondering if you guys plan on building your own custom kits again in the near future and doing some little tutorials on them again?

  79. Ive actually already forgotten what you guys are giving away, but hey, participation is part of the fun!

  80. Lol the Rebake looks like a bodybuilder that is flexing his mussels XD

  81. Ahhh the only Gundam I have yet to own, Wouldn’t mind having one to add to the collection.

  82. I have 6 of the RX-78-2 Revive cause i love the it’s build so much and each are special in their own way. It was be so awesome to win this and add it to my RX collection.

  83. I hope I don’t win, I have 2 Revives already

  84. That sexy gundam pose should be illegal!

  85. Fuuuuuudggeeee! That Freedom looks beast! Glad they decided to revive one of my all time favorite gundam! Especially since it’s a 1/100 scale.

  86. I would love that sexy pose in front of my other gundams at work! Oh please, please, please let me be a winner!

  87. Would love to win that gundam.

    also I think there’s an issue with your mics I can hear syd fine but everyone else sounds like there in the next room.

    • There was a little, um, incident with the audio set up for this episode. We couldn’t shoot the entire episode again so during editing we had to try to adjust levels.

  88. Apparently Sid got the only functional microphone this time.

  89. I want to see that valkyrie!!! Grimgerde looks amazing!

  90. RNJesus Please

  91. Hi Syd, Ryan and Todd,

    Another great show, looking forward to episode 200.

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to use the inner frame of the 1/100 Barbatos with the 1/100 Gusion/Rebake as it would cheaper than buying two Gusion/Rebake kits? But then there is also this image that has been floating around the world wide web (http://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2016/01/hg-1144-iron-blooded-orphans-new-ms.html) that suggest perhaps Bandai will release just the inner frame with some extra weapons since it is priced at 3,000 Yen. I’m hoping for 1/100 mobile workers as that would be awesome.

    Speaking of IBO, have you noticed that none of the ships or mechas have used any beam weapons which adds a nice change to the Gundam series. Also have you heard that Gundam Unicorn is getting a TV airing under the name Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 starting in April? To coincide with this launch, I wonder if we will perhaps see Bandai introducing the RE 1/100 Kshatriya or perhaps RG versions of the Unicorn, Banshee or Sinanju.

    • That’s a possibility, but I think the next RG will more likely be something from Wing Gundam like Deathscythe/Heavyarms or maybe another Seed Gundam suit such as Impulse, Infinite Justice, or even Blitz. Unicorn may not be a real Grade yet until RG #25. But I do hope they make one soon.

      • The next RG coming out is the 00 Quanta, It was shown at the last expo Syd shot at, still in the prototype form but had an array of colorful LED lighting to hide it.

        • Yup saw that episode too ^_^ but was referring to release after the RG Quanta. Doesn’t hurt to dream, lol.

        • I already knew that Quanta is the next one, which is number 21. But I meant after the 00 Quanta, number 22 and so on.

  92. Looking forward to seeing the 1/100 Gusion built up, I really like the design

  93. The Ryuseigo looks better than I thought.
    Now I’ll have to rethink buying it! (too.many.Graze)

  94. sounds like someone “forgot” to turn on ryan’s mic

  95. Really looking forward for the FA-78 Thunderbolt and the MG Freedom Ver 2.0.

    Also wanted to ask you, how come the 1/100 Metal Gear Rex Black Ver. was initially going to be in stock next April, but is now backordered?

  96. Oh man… I need to get one Gusion Rebake 1/100 T^T

  97. Grand daddy of all gundams!! I want

  98. Sexy gundam pose Lol

  99. I bet the D can’t make that sexy a pose! 😛

  100. Syd is broke only one HGUC giveaway, lol just joking.
    Thank you guys for giving built kits

  101. Excited for the MG Freedom 2.0, hoping for some news about MG Thunderbolt kits soon.

  102. Extra parts FTW !!!!!

  103. I just got my Graze from HLJ and I’m starting to like these Iron-blooded Orphans kits even more.

  104. are you guys going to do a 200th episdoe special? Giveaway ftw. thanks for the videos .

  105. I like how the new kits are coming out for this year.
    I will definitely will enter the giveaway.

  106. Pick me!!! Also hoping the CP-10 weopon kit Koto is planning to release is a sign of the Gojulas being rereleased.

  107. That beard, Ryan.

  108. the grand daddy of gunpla… with all the extra weapons…. niceeeeeeeeeee

  109. “Gunpla has ruined my life. I’m 23 years old.” – in the style of mole man from the simpsons.

  110. Just finished the mg Rx 78-2 3.0 that hg would be a cool addition

  111. love the HG RX-78-2. got one for my brother’s first gunpla. would love to have this one to go with it so we can show the weapons off. i cant wait for the ifrit and to get me a rebake. i love the four arms set up

  112. Great episode guys! And that new master grade Freedom, I have been waiting for quite a while, hope you guys can make a live build on that.

  113. me want that.. 😀

  114. I was looking forward to getting Gusion Rebake, until I see its terrible head. The revive Gouf is looking pretty good.

  115. very interesting

  116. Great show yet again! Seems like an exciting year in Gunpla.

    If you’re reading this it means I have won. Hooray for me! Oh gosh, was this my 10 seconds of fame? But I haven- *vanishes out of relativity*

  117. Can’t wait to get my hands on the full armor. I saw the Ova’s and I knew I had to get the kit.

  118. yes!!! they’re back! i have mixed feelings with the 1/144 Gusion Rebake.. i know the faceplate is one big sticker but does it have the details/panel lining underneath for someone wanting to paint it instead? waiting on your confirmation for the 1/100 Rebake transformation as well. nice to see you guys again! and i hope i win something this time 🙂

  119. waiting for the 1/100 Gusion Rebake before i make my decisions.

  120. Grandpa Gundam, come to me!

  121. Im loving watching The Origin and Thunderbolt. Have you guys heard anything about the supposed Unicorn reboot?

  122. Hope to win!! As always keep up the awesome work.

  123. so glad were getting an RG sinanju!

  124. Looking forward to see the new MG Freedom. It sure is one of the most popular mobile suits out there 😉

    Also, Gundam SEED is really a great series! 😛

  125. Great episode as always and looking forwards to number 200! I hope I win that kit.

  126. nice EP again, I can’t wait for the EP200!

  127. GUNDAMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Yeah, new PlaTube!

  129. Waiting on my led set for the pg banshee. Shud b ready for a fist bump by 200!

  130. no other kits getting 2.0 other than gunpla? like zoids, macross, patlabor?

  131. a Lolo Gundam :O! My peyborit

  132. Oh…RX-78-2 my one and only…
    Thanks for the show. Can’t wait to watch the next episode.
    200 is coming up, that means you guys are doing a great job!

  133. Mmmm that sexy Gundam……..

  134. The audio sounded a little quieter than usual this episode but other than that great job guys. Those ibo kits look amazing cant wait to see the half green half tan(?) gusion

  135. great episode, I know their will be a mg freedom 2.0 now.

  136. I am not anonymous… anymore.

  137. the revive version of the rx78-2 is quite good. how i wish i could get that.

    the grimgerde has a quite good look to it. a totally must buy.

  138. That is one articulated RX-78-2

  139. I deserve sexy gunpla.

  140. Paint me like one of your French Gundams.
    Sexy man pose for a sexy Gundam.

  141. Hi HLJ I just finished watching Gunpla Tv episode 196 and I would like to enter the give away as stated by Ryan to comment “196” on HLJ.com to have a chance to win thank you and PS You Guys are doing good on GUNPLA TV!!

  142. Still holding out for MG IBO kits… particularly the Barbatos, and Guison Rebake.

  143. For some reason I’m not really into the IBO series figures, I guess I just haven’t watched the anime yet, but I’m looking for the 2.0 Freedom… Always a big Seed fan, but I’ll not say no to the RX-78, if I win. 🙂

  144. Awesome show so many things to build! Super excited for the freedom, Do you think they will make an mg destiny 2.0 too

  145. The D is mine.

  146. Gimme that SEXY thing!!!, that Rated R X 78-2 belongs to me.

  147. That “everyone loves the D” and that sexy pose in the end… this is getting weird! I mean… If I win that kit, it won’t sticky, right? Right?

  148. Thanks for the link Syd !

  149. random number generator give me some luck xD
    i think it’s kind of stupid you don’t even get possibility for buying a seperate frame for 2nd armor.maybe in near future

  150. Interesting to see how the Rebake turns out! I would love a MG of the Big Gun.

  151. Can’t wait until I get paid next so I can start getting the 1/100 IBO kits. Also really excited for the next episode of it, a week between episodes feels like forever for someone who is used to binge watching whole series in a week or so.

  152. That is one sexy RX-78-2 Gundam!

  153. I am Feeling Lucky this week, come to me RX-78-2!

  154. AWWW MYYYY GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWD! that sexy 1/144 HG Grimgerde, muaah. cannot wait to buy it n embrace that baby. other then that, nice video guys. good job and thank you.

  155. I need that sexy Gundam! It can start a sexy Gundam band with my revive Guncannon.

  156. Todd just trolled syd by showing another IBO kit after another. Anyway great show as always guys. Looking forward to episode 200. ^_^

  157. i have to buy that gusion 1/100. it is so unique and good looking

  158. Great show as always! I want sexy gundam.

  159. here for the free stuff ! sexy gundam 😀

  160. That 1:100 Gusion/Rebake looks sexy as hell, but I can’t decide on that or the 1:100 McGillis Schwalbe Graze… Or the Gelios Graze… or the Form 6… or the *brain explodes*

  161. If I get that Gundam, RX-78-2, I’m going to rebake it.

  162. As always, great episode guys!
    Hope to see more MGs released this year!

  163. Thank you for making all the videos!

  164. Am I the only one who wants mobile worker kits in a larger scale like 1/35 or 1/48

  165. Hoping you guys still do the Gunpla handouts for comments. Didn’t know about this site previously but I will def be frequenting to stay up to date on Gundam kits and with the hopes of winning a free kit xD

  166. am i too late?

  167. Hey Guys! Hope im not late lol great show as always ?


  169. Sure, I will take a revived RX-78. Thanks!

  170. I definitely like the Gusion Rebake and the Ryuseigo. I’m definitely excited for the Astaroth though.

  171. I dunno, but the 1/100 Gusion/Gusion Rebake seems a bit expensive. True, you have a serious amount of plastic, and you can build two kits. But it ain’t that cool if you can’t display both. They could’ve at least added a mannequin-type of thing to put the unused armor parts to display on the side.

  172. Ravioli ravioli give me the gundamoli

  173. it will be mine…. more power guys

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