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Frame Arms Girl Sylphy Unboxing

Frame Arms Girl Sylphy

The most recent release in Kotobukiya’s Desktop Army line, Frame Arms Girl Sylphy (Striker) is here! Like the Hatsune Miku kit we looked at recently, there’s a whole lot of color and a bit of prepainting to help make this kit an easy out-of-box build.

The Box

Frame Arms Girl Sylphy

Only one side of the box has kit details this time, so we’re only taking a look at that panel — but there’s a good amount of stuff to look at! Again, Kotobukiya doesn’t provide details in English (only Japanese), but here are the features they point out:

  • Sylphy’s Striker parts have been created using new molds.
  • Her shoulders, arms, and legs are fitted with 3mm holes so you can swap parts and weapons from other Desktop Army, MSG, or Frame Arms kits — or any other kits with the same pegs!
  • As you know, this kit is a collaboration with Good Smile Company’s deformed series of Desktop Army figures, to bring the tiny, cute form of Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl Sylphy to life as a model!
  • Three prepainted face plates are included, as well as a blank face plate for customization.
  • On the right, the image in the orange box shows off what the kit will look like out-of-box with no paint, while the other package images show an “ideal” painted version of the kit.

The Runners

Frame Arms Girl Sylphy

Runners A and B are molded in white, and present most of the body parts. 

Frame Arms Girl Sylphy

C comes in mermaid green for Sylphy’s hair, and D is more in white. Some of her torso parts are here.

Frame Arms Girl Sylphy

E, F, and G are mostly joints, though F does include Sylphy’s unpainted face plate. E is molded in white, F in flesh, and G in orange.

Frame Arms Girl Sylphy

Mermaid green is back — in a paler shade — for H and J’s mechanical parts!

Frame Arms Girl Sylphy

…and more mechanical parts here for runners K and L, only in dark grey. You’ll use K for the arm on her display stand. The orange M runner includes her weapon blade and some accent parts.

Frame Arms Girl Sylphy

Here are the fun additional parts! Sylphy comes with a display stand base and a clear arm to hold her in place (but you’ll build the jointed arm that connects the two piece together). Her prepainted faceplates are indivudually packaged to protect them from scratches, as well as her headband piece that includes green and yellow coloring, too. We also get decals for making a custom face, and Desktop Army emblems, too!

One thing that stands out to me about this kit is the runner size — most of the runners are quite small, which lets Kotobukiya provide you with this fun array of colors so you really don’t need to paint much, if at all, to get a really nice out-of-box build. Really, just looking at the box photo of the unpainted completed kit, aside from some simple panel lining, it’s hard to see much of a difference at all!

I would recommend this kit for casual Gunpla modellers, or other folks who just want a fun build without worrying about adding their own details.

Get yours here:
– Frame Arms Girl Sylphy (Striker)

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  1. Interesting the koto doesnt use the standard base for this kit.

  2. Runners K and L are in dark grey, not gunmetal.
    And just to note: the hair parts are in a different shade than the body parts.


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